Conscious Sensuality Temple Night Puja

Saturday 02 Mar 2019
10.00pm - midnight
Theatre - Stream 1

Conscious Sensuality Temple Night Puja

The temple ceremony was created for us so we can enter into a sacred space that is different to our ordinary everyday life experience. Through exercises, ritual, dance and connection we peel off the layers to get in touch with parts of our loving, free and ecstatic self in a safe container that we create together. The principles of the temple night are based on actual ancient temple celebrations many historic communities have created before us recognising the need and longing to be able to express our connection the divinity in a free, uninhibited way, expressing through our heart, body and soul the delicious life force also called ecstasy that flows through us and connects us with all things.

Coming into temple space is hence a from of prayer of love, of being seen without being judged, of loving freely because loving each other is our nature, of dancing wildly alone and with each other, of touching and making sounds or watching and feeling yourself on your own. All these expressions are welcomed as temple represents a space where we can re-explore being free without hurting anyone or getting hurt.

The Temple night is very playful, full of laughter, yumminess, ceremony, exercises, sensual play and music.

We take care of ourselves and our existing relationships in a very committed way in the temple by practicing exercises around consent, confidentiality, sexual safety and teaching the arts of the free sovereign soul how this soul moves with respect and care and learns how to look after itself and others in the same way.

Be freshly showered and attire yourself in a way you feel you are the most honouring of yourself, this events dress code: sensual lingerie, open shirts, loose flowing clothing, silks.


Interactive and Experiential parts

A 1.5 hour guided program
Touch & sensory awareness exercises around the wheel of consent
Sensory delight experiences for your senses
Soft beats to move to
Being part of forming a beautiful ceremonies

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Understanding consent, taking and allowing
  • Work with the 5 senses to activate and open the heart and the body
  • Laugh, have fun and enjoy an electric filed of heightened awareness
  • Trusting and learning to read and follow your body, feeling 100% safe
  • Appreciation of others, giving and receiving

Indicator Bars and Inclusivity




Challenge Level

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