Tantric Union

Sunday 15 Mar 2020
5.00pm -7.00pm
Big Marquee 'Ecstasy'

Tantric Union

Honouring others as ourselves, as the Divine. Remembering who we really are, the ONEness, unity consciousness., Experiencing “We are ONE” !
Relating to others from our commitment to Human-Unity, for the benefit of ALL Gifting HumanUnity with Love, acceptance, forgiveness, sharing our individual gifts as unique expression of the Divine Design that we really are.
Celebrating and integrating all facets of our being, allowing ourselves to really shine as the Diamond, allowing our light to shine and ignite others
Experiential and practical guide to transform your life & relationships, from ordinary mundane into a truly divine communion, becoming soul-mates love partners, experience ecstatic bliss in everyday life, enhancing intimacy into a truly transcendent experience.

Core Benefit for Participants of this Session

  • Experiencing Oneness with All That Is
  • Knowing the Others as Self
  • Receiving Nourishment on All Levels of Our Being
  • Really being Valued, Honoured, Received, Seen, Heard
  • Surrendering To Whom You Really Are !
  • Experience Knowing who you really are.
  • Experience seep relaxation
  • Touching Divine Essence


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