Energetics of Tantric Kissing

Saturday 02 Mar 2019
5.00pm - 7.00pm
Theatre - Stream 1

Energetics of Tantric Kissing

Experience the totally unique & awesome……”MYSTERY KISS”…. It’s profound &……Guaranteed to “Rock Your Kissing World”!!!

Just like Ballet…Tennis… or Massage…..MASTERFUL KISSING is not an inherent human ability……It is a learned skill!

“The energetic field you created is so solid, so rare. So authentic.”…. Female Participant (SF)

“Chris has mastered the skill on a level that transforms it from a purely physical experience into a mind|body|spirit journey. It becomes an exploration of invitingly sensual sensation, playfully innovative technique, and contact trance dance between mouths, choreographed to the harmony of Tantric presence”…..Isabel J…(N.M.)

“Top secret hand kissing technique used successfully throughout Burning Man. Thank you Chris”….. Greg Tzap…(SD)

“Lets face it, EVERYONE thinks they are a good kisser! But guess what, I did learn something new about kissing!!!….Mike.G…(SD)

Affection……Love……it’s all about “Energy” …It “is” an Energy! And the Kiss…..such a delicate expression of it.

In this sophisticated, highly detailed & “FUN” experiential workshop Master Tai Chi & Chi Gong instructor….& “Energy Based Sensuality” creator Chris Luth will take you on a deep exploration of exotic forms of the beautiful art of Kissing as well as the “ENERGETICS” that allow for truly powerful kissing to occur…….definitely beyond the basics!


Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • You will be amazed by the level of detail involved…and…how much difference the most subtle adjustment can make!

  • The “MYSTERY KISS”…..You’ve never seen this before!… Guaranteed to “Rock Your Kissing World!”

  • “ENERGY”….understand how to make use of it to dramatically increase the effect of your kisses!

  • Kissing Hands, Arms, NECK & More!

  • “LOVE INJECTION” kissing

Indicator Bars and Inclusivity




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