Tantra Touch Dance Temple

Friday 13 Mar 2020
10.00pm - Midnight
Big Marquee 'Ecstasy'

Tantra Touch Dance Temple

Our personal power stands in direct relationship to our sexual power, our sexual freedom and our erotic innocence.

In this workshop, we will create an embodied temple ritual, derived from the ancient Egyptian and Babylonian times, where we welcome our inner masculine home from the war and back into wholeness and oneness, back into embodied, integrated and pure power.

The ancient temple priestesses (Dakinis in Taoist traditions and qadishtu, or sacred prostitutes in the ancient Middle East) knew that the key to embodied wholeness lay in the cultivation of strong life-force energy, strong Shakti and Shiva energy generated through sexual practices. These erotic practices created the foundation of a healthy community.
Warriors returning from the wars, would not be allowed back into their communities before they had visited the temples. Here they were nurtured back into wholeness. Their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wounds were healed and their Shiva energy revitalised with the qadishtus.

In this workshop ritual we will activate this ancient knowing within ourselves.

We will let go of the inner war.
We will let go of all the struggles we face in the world.
We will let go of all the fighting we do to get our needs met.

We will recreate this ritual and activate our pure power through erotic and tantric practices. Both male and female bodied participants will receive the opportunity to go through this ritual as a receiver for we all hold a wounded masculine within.
We will harness this erotic power, this pure potentiality of life-force energy, and focus it through sex magic towards the manifestation of our desires.

This workshop is open to all genders and sexual orientations. We will be focussing on the inherent inner qualities of masculinity and femininity, regardless of gender.

Nudity is not necessary. The level of intimacy is introductory to moderate, depending on your desires and you can choose between different levels of intensity.
There are partnered exercises, sensual and nurturing touch and tantric breathwork,

Core Benefit for Participants of this Session

  • Receive and give nurturing touch to return into full alignment with radiant your soul essence.
  • Receive a transmission from the priestess archetype to awaken your healthy masculine through eye gazing.
  • Use the power of breath and visualisation to cultivate a strong sense of erotic power within your being.


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