Sharin Circle And Get Together Snuggle Party

Monday 16 Mar 2020
2.30pm - 4.30pm
Marquee 'Pleasure'

Sharin Circle And Get Together Snuggle Party

There is vast literature of the benefits of hugging and yet we are a touch-deprived society. We are afraid to touch, afraid to ask for touch and yet afraid to ask or reach out for the touch we need.

A snuggle party is a clothes-on non-genital workshop for adult participants on the art of consensual and boundary-appropriate touch. The premise of snuggle parties is the recognition of “need to be held” is very close to and equally vital as more conventionally accepted human needs like thirst, hunger, and sex.

We like to invite you to come co-create this safe space in which all genders can begin to communicate more authentically and listen profoundly.

In this space, you will have the benefit of doing as little or as much as you desire – and will be encouraged to just be you. You will learn to create strong boundaries for yourself without shutting others down and begin to be more open to others and able to give and receive comfortably, and be touched, valued and nurtured.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Increased confidence in sexual communication and express
  • Letting go of the discomfort and shame around touch
  • Responding accordingly to your authentic yes and no
  • Better at asking for what you need/ want/ desire
  • Better at taking and receiving touch/ pleasure



Come in comfortable clothes

Own blanket/ towel/ yoga mat/ pillows


Indicator Bars and Inclusivity




Challenge Level