Sacred Touch

Sunday 15 Mar 2020
10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Marquee 'Pleasure'

Sacred Touch

Sacred Touch – Yoni & Lingam Massage The art of Sacred Touch is so much more than technique! It is a meeting of Souls through bodies. Where the border between giver and receiver melts away to create a union with the divine, making space for a unique dance to unfold, one that’s never been danced before. Through the art of Sacred Touch we are able to move beneath the realms of the personal to access the Transpersonal realm, allowing the soul to speak through the body through the full spectrum of sensation and emotion. The space is created to allow blocked and unwanted energies to move through us, making space for the free flow of lifeforce and the expression of our ultimate potential. In this workshop you will receive a transmission of the potentials of this practice through live demonstration. You will receive guidance so you can create your own shared experience with a partner, from setting the space, creating intentions, and a variety of techniques that can be used in conjunction with your intuitive flow. This workshop will provide a combination of instruction and experience. People of all genders and orientations are welcome and is suitable for singles and couples.

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