Sacred Cacao Sound Journey

Tuesday 17 Mar 2020
8.30pm - 9.30pm
Marquee 'Pleasure'

Sacred Cacao Sound Journey

Jay Hoad and Nicole Tretiakov of Tribal Moon Creatrix, are coming back to Australia after a huge year of touring throughout Europe and the Pacific Islands, performing at some of the biggest festivals on the planet as well as running their award winning “Sacred Cacao Sound Journey” experiences.

Combining Imported Peruvian Cacao with Shamanic Sound Therapy, Intimacy and Inner Union, Tantric and Yogic Principles, Breath Work, and Agnihotra Fire Release, the event recently won one of the prestigious Adelaide Fringe Festival “Best Event” Awards and has now had a run of sold out events around the world.

The effect of ceremonial grade cacao is known for generating somewhat of a gentle expansive feeling, assisting with deeper connection, unlocking spiritual channels, releasing negative emotions, and most importantly opening the heart chakra. When we combine this ancient tradition with the frequencies and pulses from instruments such as Medicine Drums, Cosmic Tone drums, Rife Frequencies, Dulsitars etc, it deepens the experience dramatically, enhancing the euphoric possibilities and the inner connection. We will also be sharing knowledge in yogic principles, kundalini and tantra. Come dive deep and take a journey with us.
Says Jay and Nicole “We are really excited to be bring the Cacao Journey experience to NSW, they have been working so well in other parts of the world and I feel the people of Byron etc will absolutely love this unique experience.

People are often confused about what pure cacao actually is (as opposed to off the shelf style cacao or chocolate). Basically, almost all popular brands of chocolate and cocoa are missing 99% of the 1200 active components that we find in ceremonial grade cacao.

Core Benefit for Participants of this Session

  • Deep Sound Healing
  • Opening the heart with ancient plant medicine.
  • Letting go of things that no longer serve.
  • Music Therapy assisting with realigning chakras, emotions, physical and emotional body.
  • Opening the heart and moving forward possibly in a better way to own all aspects of your life and
  • choose them to be as you wish.