Reclaiming Sexual Radiance

Sunday 03 Mar 2019
2.30pm - 4.30pm
Community College - Stream 3

Reclaiming Sexual Radiance

This workshop is about releasing shame, repression and trauma so that you can cultivate deeper states of orgasmic pleasure.

This workshop is about returning home to our natural state of wholeness as a sensual woman and living in harmony with your womb, your yoni, your sexual innocence and power.

This is about cultivating vitality, charisma and feminine presence.

This is about your ability to manifest your life the way you desire and your ability to stand in your full, ecstatic essence as a woman, so that you can embody the living manifestation of the divine feminine.

This is about giving yourself permission to feel pleasure.

Reclaiming our sexual radiance is often the last step women take in their personal development journey. It is an important step! So many women are ridden with self-doubt, lack of boundaries and lack of sexual radiance, all of which hold them back from achieving their full potential as women.

The epidemic of beating ourselves up, of hiding our desires, suppressing our voices in order to please others, is robbing us not only of our life force, but also of joy, celebration and possibly success.

Awakened men are looking for women who know their bodies, who have certainty in the bedroom and can express their desires. But how do we learn that?

PLEASURE changes the brain chemistry.

PLEASURE changes the way our nervous system responds.

PLEASURE nourishes us in a very tangible, neurological and physiological way.


Join Krystal in reclaiming your sexual radiance and watch your sovereign power attract new opportunities into your life.

Interactive and Experiential parts

Meditation practices, guided journeys, powerful processes, release work, sensual pleasure movements, visualisation, conscious self-touch and creating a powerful container for our deeper embodiment of sexuality, this workshop offers a rich experience of Self in a new, more powerful, more magnetic, erotic and radiant way.

We will integrate our practice by sharing experiences of the exercises, thus deepening into our self-awareness and uniqueness as well as developing a sense of community and belonging.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  •  Deepening into self-love and an open heart
  • Feeling a greater level of self-worth and I AM presence
  • Gaining a deeper sense of permission to feel pleasure
  • Releasing the need to punish ourselves for not being worthy
  • Learning tools to let go of the mind and drop into the body
  • Tools to tap into our life-force and sexual energy anywhere for increased vitality and radiance
  • Tools to create a conscious container for our awake sexual energy in everyday life

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