Naked Yoga

Wednesday 18 Mar 2020
7.00am - 8.00am
Marquee 'Pleasure'

Naked Yoga

Let go your inhibitions, fears, ego – and your clothes in a safe non judgemental Body-Positive mindset space.

Exercise and stretch with an element of fun liberation and adventure. Nudity is natural, not only about ‘sexy’ poses but being in peace with yourself means accepting your body. Also being naked removes many social and economic barriers, and brings you to facing any vulnerabilities about self image. A new way to accept love and celebrate your body! Your boobs won’t get in the way!

Bring your own mat or towel.

Core Benefit for Participants of this Session

  • more self-love
  •  deeper awareness of body
  •  going through this journey with others offers the chance for shares & support before & after the session
  •  safe space to share/witness journeys into unconditional self-love
  •  seeing nudity as not just sexual, but sacred & beautiful & powerful & normal

pls note, this practice aims to cater for everyone – a lot of people that attend my classes are new nudies/new yogis & I also get returning nudies & yogis, all backgrounds, fitness levels & body confidence levels


Indicator Bars and Inclusivity




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