Meditative Spanking for Pleasure

Saturday 21 Apr 2018
2.30pm - 4.30pm
Theatre - Stream 2

Meditative Spanking for Pleasure

Meditative Spanking is a conscious immersion into the yin side of impact play. It involves many tools which aid in assisting people to open up into their vulnerability and awaken their sexual energy. These tools include a deliberate and deep investigation of Boundaries and Consent:

– Feel, own and communicate your own boundaries.
– Gain a know how around asking for consent
– Discover your embodied truth
– Communicate your wanting
– Learn the language of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in your body

Often in impact play I have witnessed the person giving the impact play, commonly referred to as the Top, or Spanker, creating an experience for the Bottom, but being preoccupied with their own gratification in the act – The joy of power and the sadistic enjoyment of another’s pain. If the bottom enjoys the experience is not so important.

The Top (Spanker) is not “in charge” in Meditative Spanking. Their pleasure is secondary, and all decisions are ultimately in the hands of the Bottom (spankee). Ultimately the Top is in complete 100% service to the Bottom. They are not self-serving in their role – They are holding space. In this way you could in fact say that the Spanker is the Bottom and the Spankee is the Top, However for ease of understanding, we will limit the terminology to the generic meaning. Spanker is the Top, Spankee is the Bottom… Literally the Bottom…

The role of the Top (the spanker), is to Tune in and hold space and create an experience that allows the Bottom (spankee) to surrender into their vulnerability, and sink into the Depth of the experience and ultimately into their very soul, and expand into infinity. To Awaken their energy and assist in its movement through their being. To hold them in a space of Love and Respect. You must also communicate effectively, and listen attentively.

The Role of the Bottom (Spankee), is to Communicate your Limits, and your desires effectively, and to continually honour your inner guidance. Don’t get head-y with choices – follow your inner feeling, and trust it to guide you to the experience that serves you the most, and allows for the greatest opening.. Honour your truth. And surrender! Let go! Open to the experience, open to the energy, open to the flow!

Interactive and Experiential parts

There is a practical exploration of boundaries and consent practices to lay a safe and secure foundation, and then we get into the spanking:

Finding a partner
Connection Practices – meditating into our own hearts, and our own belly’s, eye gazing, feeling into our partners hearts and bellies. Playing with hand sensing of energies and breathing. Tuning into our partner.
Places that are safe to spank – green, yellow, red zones
Checking in – pain threshold out of 10, any injuries, Desired level of engagement, areas comfortable receiving a spank,
Positioning of Top and Bottom.
Different levels of touch – stroking, grabbing, shaking, pushing, spanking – all the different ways to spank – different hand shapes (3), different strikes (3), Different intensities, combinations strikes (combos)
Being Sensitive to what is leading the Bottom to greater opening. If you hit hard and it causes them to close, soften up.
Receiving with the Breathe. Expressing with sound and movement. Allowing Emotion to move without judgement. Feeling – not thinking – dropping into the sensation, if you have to hide from it or supress it, then soften the experience. The gift is in the experience. Don’t run away.

Checking in – is this a good level of intensity, is there anything else they want?

Finish the experience, and then move into aftercare.
Top Holding Bottom in a space of vulnerability. Nurturing them. Caring for them.

After aftercare there is a time for reflection to discuss the experience and express feelings about it.
Then we swap roles.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Awakening energy
  • Owning your wanting
  • Discovering your embodied yes/no
  • Playful exploration of sensation
  • A deepening of intimacy

Indicator Bars and Inclusivity

Please self select according to your level of interest and willingness to be challenged.




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