Lingam Massage

Tuesday 17 Mar 2020
5.00pm – 7.00pm
Hall 'Joy'

Lingam Massage

This clothing-optional session is based on the penis massage techniques developed by Joseph Kramer who created the Sexological Bodywork certification. Relationship Counselor & Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee have been teaching these techniques for the past 10 years. She will cover the following topics: penile anatomy; warming up and playing with cock with your hands, penis massage, how to experiment with speed, pressure and rhythm, lubes, safer sex, and more!
Penises come in different sizes, angles, colors, smells and tastes. This is a workshop open to all genders, and penis owners will benefit from learning and understanding more about their own anatomy. Let’s demystify this often misunderstood part of the anatomy, and get all your questions answered, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation.
These are the SAME techniques taught to clients who have premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, and erectile difficulties (not due to physical nature). They are, therefore, therapeutic techniques often taught and used in tantra and somatic bodywork.
You will learn:
Male sexual anatomy – including the location of the elusive Male G spot
More than 20 penile massage techniques – frenulum, shaft, testicles etc.
Types of lubricants to incorporate into your sex play
The role and importance of breathing for orgasmic experiences
How to experiment with speed, pressure, and rhythm
How to achieve long-lasting ecstasy
What an energy orgasm is
Save yourself years of heartache, confusion, and sexual anxieties due to the lack of understanding about sexual functioning by signing up for this workshop. All emotions, questions, and laughter are welcomed! You get all this knowledge once and for all in THIS workshop!


Own floor towel/ sarong/ lubricant/ gloves if possible


Interactive and Experiential parts
Almost the entire presentation will be interactive and experiential. This is a clothing optional workshop – please bring your own sarong/ lubricant/ gloves if possible. You can do self-massage or have your partner (of any gender) practice these techniques on you alongside the demonstration with explanation.
Core Benefits for Participants of this Session
Increased sexual knowledge, confidence, and performance
Letting go of the sexual shame around nudity and genital touch
Understanding link between common sexual challenge penis owners with genital massage
Increased confidence and creativity with penis play/ massage

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