Integrating Wounded Masculine Feminine Principals

Saturday 02 Mar 2019
8.30pm - 10.00pm
Community College - Stream 3

Integrating Wounded Masculine Feminine Principals

We all have wounding inside of our heart. We all have internalised fragmentation and separation. We all have identified with our frustrations, our sadness, our guilt, blame and shame, as if it were our true nature. We all hope and pray and KNOW that this is not who we truly are! And so we yearn to come back into wholeness, but often don’t know how.

Would you like to come home to yourself and stop seeking external validation?

Do you desire to release the default of either wounded masculine or feminine patterns?

Are you ready to embrace and transmute the shadow aspects of your soul?

In this workshop, Krystal will share a simple but profound channelled principal that has helped me greatly in the understanding, dissolving and integrating of these wounded aspects of self, stopping the inner battles and taming the inner dragon.

She will offer a series of questions that will enable you to see your own patterns more clearly so that you too will be able to integrate them through a powerful process she will be guiding you through.

Creating your inner divine masculine and divine feminine partnership means that you can interact with all these different parts within you, like characters in a play.

You will be able to guide and direct them to create harmony and collaboration so that you can form an inner community of compassion, rather than continue the never-ending inner battlefield and fight for ownership and superiority.

We will explore how the inner masculine-feminine principals play themselves out externally in our romantic relationships and how you can bring more harmony to your relationship, by ending the inner war first.

Interactive and Experiential parts

There will discussions in small groups where each person will identify underlying fears and needs that have kept them in their wounded aspects until now.

You will engage in guided meditative processes to recalibrate the woundings and reclaim wholeness and unity between our divine masculine and feminine principals within. You will explore and take away tools that you can apply every day when you find yourself in challenging situations so that you have a greater chance to remain embodied, integrated and detached.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Experiencing an embodied sense of being a whole and complete and divine being.

  • Gaining communication and relationship tools to maintain harmony and compassion.

  • Understanding how the dynamics of inner masculine feminine wounding play out and how they were created.

  • Discovering a deeper understanding of your core fears and how to meet their hidden needs.

  • Receiving deeper sense of self-knowing

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