Inside the Dark Feminine

Friday 01 Mar 2019
5.00pm - 7.00pm
Cavanbah Room - STREAM 2

Inside the Dark Feminine

The dark feminine lives in everyone.. beyond gender and sexuality. She is a force often concealed in the deepest layers of our psyche wanting to emerge. The keeper of death, transformation and regeneration, her alchemical nature turns blood into liquid gold. She devours the caracas of our outworn patterns into unwavering power.

She breaks in order to make.

The dark feminine is rage, she is passion, murder, seduction.. she destroys anything that is built on falsity, fantasy, flimsy ground. With her dark eye she sees all that we hide and rips away the masks of pretence with her obsidian heart.

The dark feminine by nature is wild. She is the bones, blood and earth. She is repulsed by the repression of our instinctual wisdom and control of our bodies. The dark feminine holds the sexual mysteries in her cosmic cauldron and invites us to explore the true nature of our eros- wild, irrepressible, free and deeply anchored in the ecstatic current of life.

The dark feminine teaches us that all life is a polarity of light and dark. She wants us to feel it, not just the digestible aspects- ALL OF IT.

She has many faces, Kali, Lilith, Inanna and the world is embracing her return to the light of our awareness.

This evening event is open to all genders and we will delve into the dark feminine expression in each person as she authentically arises.

The workshop will include;

  • Meeting the dark feminine within
  • Expressing the dark feminine through the body, consciousness and through interactions with others
  • Exploring the erotic nature of the dark feminine within
  • Shadow hunting- tracking the parts of your identity that are false, hidden or in the way of power and truth.
  • Activating the dark eye- being able to see in yourself and others what is shadowed
  • A chance to break through shame, control or repression around sexuality, expression or desires.

Interactive and Experiential parts

There will be movement- touch and intimate exploration.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Meet aspects of this energy in all genders
  • Unlocking shame
  • Accessing power of this energy
  • Harnessing dark light
  • Tapping into wildness- untamed energy that are stored in the body

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