Heart Based Dominance and Surrender

Sunday 15 Mar 2020
2.30pm – 4.30pm
Hall 'Joy'

Heart Based Dominance and Surrender

In this offering, we will explore some of the dynamics of Dominance and Submission or Top and Bottom play.
I will first give an explanation of the art of dominance and submission as I see them.
What each of these roles are, the range of possibilities that can be explored, depending on the desires and boundaries of each individual and the potential for growth and orgasmic experiences when opening up to this field.
I will explain the difference between the Dark Masculine and Feminine and Light Masculine and feminine energies and the different ways that each of them would be likely to play out their desires intimately.
Our Dark masculine and feminine are more in charge in the bedroom and are very comfortable with their sexual energy.
They each exude power and can also be quite primal. They are connected to their intuition and do not need to check in constantly as they can feel when their power is welcome.
These are parts of ourselves that can benefit each of us to connect with. To not fear or shame them, hiding them in judgment.
Because they are brave and fearless.
When they are integrated in their healthy versions they stand for justice and are the ultimate protectors.
They each have honor and integrity.
These are the traits that we access to be able to dominate from the heart.
In our culture there can be a lot of misunderstanding and stigma connected to the words Dominance and Submission.
But this is often because the unhealthy versions are what we tend to associate with the words.
We each require these energies in our day to day lives and practicing them in these settings can allow us to access them in other areas of our lives.
We all need to know how to take control and how to be able to surrender.
Think of how many times a day you require these attributes?

Core Benefits For Participants in this Session

  • Practice honoring their boundaries and negotiating their desires
  • Discovering the responsibility and empowerment of being in a dominant role-
  • Discovering the bliss of being in trust and surrender.-
  • Exploring altered states of esctacy that are outside of the norm of intimate relating.-
  • Bringing more awareness to how they are give and receive and which self worth story may come up around these.


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