Fully Integrated Spirituality

Friday 01 Mar 2019
2.00pm – 4.30pm
Community College - Stream 1

Fully Integrated Spirituality

How much of this amazing life do we allow ourselves to receive? How much love, beauty, power and sweetness can we experience? How do we live in our truth and manifest our dreams? How can we support others to do the same?

Imagine being held in a space where you are able to safely examine these issues, overcoming unhealthy patterns and erroneous societal paradigms that create emotional blocks and mute our life experience. This work is deep, powerful, and gentle. There are many tools, teachings, and experiences that support us in the deepening process. We look at what builds and drains love and power in our lives and how to create more of what we want.

The work can have a profound effect on your reality and usually creates a significant shift of consciousness and perspective. It is not for everyone. Those who work with us are drawn in by a feeling or knowing that they are ready to receive the value of this practice of guided self-examination. The next step will be clear and you will be moving toward the fullness and clarity of divine bliss.

There is rich territory to share with those who are committed to total health and are ready to deepen. Relationships take on a whole new meaning when they are approached from a place of fullness and divinity.


Indicator Bars and Inclusivity

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