Foundations of Ecstasy

Friday 20 Apr 2018
8.30pm - 10.00pm
Cavanbah Room - Stream 2

Foundations of Ecstasy

First Peter will take you through his favorite practice of qigong. Followed by an adventure through movement and connection, both inward and outward as he takes us on a dance journey that has destination stops at each element. Music is selected to take you through each of the four elements (plus a surprise 5th element) that eventually leads you back to your center (Spirit) Allowing your True Self to be revealed!

Then learn how to empower your sensual conscious touch. Explore the tactile language of stimulating arousal, that touches the deepest part of our soul.
This experiential laboratory will include breathing and chakra balancing meditation, and playful, non-sexual massage. Monique will guide you through an odyssey of touch, that let’s you explore the 4 elements, on/through each other.

Next you will go on a journey using the most intimate form of touch, our breath. We’ll be introducing an ancient ritual where you will explore each-others bodies, magnifying your connection physically, energetically, and spiritually.
Align your chakras through touch, breath, connection, and shared intent.

Then comes earth touch, as you ground, and recenter, massage, nurture, hold, BE with one another.

followed by fire, as you invigorate, entice, awaken, arouse, “heat” up yourself and your partner

cooling down with water touch, fluid, soft, caressing, gentle, swaying, flowing, gliding

With each element drop even deeper into your embodied bliss state as you learn to touch for YOUR pleasure, as you get to practice asking for the specific types of touch your body is craving/imagining at any moment.

Interactive and Experiential parts

This playshop begins with guided qigong, Followed by guided dance to each of the five elements. We next move on to a communicative negotiation that leads to touching for your pleasure (massage) and asking for the type of touch you want. The action does not really stop, every part of this playshop is experiential.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Learning to Ask for the type of touch you want, and saying NO to the type you don’t
  • Opening energetic channels in your body so you can be more present with yourself and aware of the world around you
  • Finding your childlike innocence and playful nature through movement
  • Discovering more of who you are
  • Bringing in your sense of curiosity, wonder and awe in your approach to the world

Indicator Bars and Inclusivity




Challenge Level

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