Extatik Kontakt DJ Dance Party

Friday 01 Mar 2019
10.00pm - midnight
Theatre - Stream 1

Extatik Kontakt DJ Dance Party

EXTATIK KONTAKT goes beyond Contact Improv, Modern Dance, and Ecstatic Dance by focusing on tantric explorations of movement, human connection and our own personal development to bring awareness of the True Self and deeper connections to others.

This is a fun and exciting event that starts off with a group class teaching intentional touch and dance discourse including how to express ourselves emotionally through movement as well as communicating personal boundaries, “Yes’s” and “No’s”, and our desires through movements.

The class is followed by an eclectic musical journey Live DJ Ecstatic Dance set masterfully curated by Lion. For an example of his work visit https://soundcloud.com/lionmixes/lion-in-the-barn.

This evening event is a powerful and transformative journey connecting you to your unique expression that is the authentic self, while forging deeper relationships to others through harmonized movement.

We invite you to embark on your conscious evolution through dance and expand your personal power by aligning with the energetics that create your expression of art through movement.

Together, we move away from self conscious suffering towards a clarity through moving meditation.

The expert guidance and safety created in our container during EXTATIK KONTAKT allows us to individually and collectively break through boundaries to support one another in the exploration of the self.

By learning tools to access your own creative expression you will unlock your full potential and awaken your internal body awareness.

30 minutes; Guided Movement & Intention Setting
1.5 hours: Free-Form Ecstatic Dance
30 minutes: Sound Healing, Meditation, & Closing Circle

Interactive and Experiential parts

This event is 100% Interactive and Experiential! Participants will be guided through 30 minutes of solo, partnered, and group exercises aimed to bring everyone into presence, embodiment, and connection with each other. This class doesn’t require any previous dance experience to become immediately proficient at having meaningful, playful, sensual, and dynamic dances with others. We go on a journey from surface level interactions to unsurpassed depth beginning with energetic presence and finishing with a deep understanding of consciousness of how thebody plays a part in our dance. The event will then open into a free-form full on Ecstatic Dance, where participants will be in their full freedom of expression and explore connecting through movement with others in a space of love, intimacy, and sensuality utilizing many of the tools they gained during the. The evening will close with a sound healing & meditation designed to drop participants fully into feeling, presence, and integration of experience.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Celebrate life, love, and freedom with communit
  • Move beyond superficial social interactions
  • Connect with others from place of personal liberation and empowerment
  • Explore deep energetic connections of love, intimacy, and sensuality
  • Discover your full capacity for expression through movement
  • Drop the mind and surrender to your sensual experience

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