Full body energetic orgasm

Sunday 22 Apr 2018
2.40pm - 4.30pm
Theatre - Stream 1

Full body energetic orgasm

Are you drawn to explore and open to more of your orgasmic potential?
Did you know that every cell in your body can orgasm?
Are you curious about how a full body orgasm happens or wonder what it feels like?

Have you seen the videos on youtube where people are orgasming without even being touched?
Have you wondered if it is actually real and if it is possible for you to experience it too?

We are here to show you that it is REAL and teach you how YOU CAN EXPERIENCE this!

In this workshop, EJ Love will dive into the secrets of experiencing full body orgasmic pleasure!

Everyone who wants to learn about tantra and energy orgasms!
It is also a perfect introduction for those curious about Tantra and Conscious Sexuality. Although, even those who have already experienced tantra will learn and experience something new!

Interactive and Experiential Parts

We will not only teach you about understanding how it works, but we will also do a full body orgasm demonstration and give you an opportunity to try this with other participants in the space. 
Which is done without any genital touch, yes, let us show you the magic!
You will be introduced to tantric practices that have been used for centuries to open you up sexually and spirituality in profound ways. Both men and women will learn here how they too can experience and give full body energy orgasms. You will be practicing giving and receiving no touch full body energy orgasm on other participants. Nudity is not required to do this, however is optional if participants prefer.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Understanding what Full Body Energy Orgasm is and how it is possible for everyone
  • Practicing of Giving and Receiving Non-Genital Touch Energy Orgasms
  • Clearing and Healing Emotional Blocks that are held in the body
  • Awakening your Sexual Energy
  • Opening to your Full Orgasmic Potential

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