Ecstatic Dance and Conscious Movements

Saturday 14 Mar 2020
10.30am - 12.30pm
Marquee 'Pleasure'

Ecstatic Dance and Conscious Movements

Ecstatic Dance is a conscious movement practice that invites people to drop out of their minds and into their bodies to unwind and open to inner wisdom. Dance, Music and Cacao Medicine are the centre point of these ceremonies catalysing ecstatic states, where conscious mind limitations dissolve, opening the doors to the vast subconscious intelligence. It is an opportunity to connect deeply with self and others in fun ways words cannot express. A gracious experience to meet yourself as you are and open a space where you can see beyond who you think you are… It’s about you, freedom, joy and honesty.
For thousands of years, cacao has been celebrated as a food of the gods. Together we will drink a cacao elixir, giving ourselves the opportunity to enter into the stillness and wisdom of our being. This journey will offer a space to expand your awareness of self, be moved by the flow of love, expand your intuitive awareness and reconnect with the Aliveness within and around you.

The Ceremony will begin with a sharing circle where you have to opportunity to verbalise your intention for the journey, giving the others the chance to see you and meet you in the middle during the dance if they feel drawn to do so.
We will share the Cacao elixir together and move to the trance induction warm up.
In the warm up we will use a combination of traditional shamanic practices like breathing techniques, focused attention, visualisations and physical interaction with the other participants to relax and gradually immerse you into a trance state.
The warm up will conclude with the Ecstatic Dance wave, guided by a blend of world and contemporary beats to loosen the energy body, relieve fears and tensions and uncover the embodied expression of your intention.

Core Benefits For Participants in this Session

  • Embodied Meditation that will calm the mind and reconnect you with your vast subconscious intelligence
  • Reconnect with your senses and the world around you in a fun and liberating way
  • Uncover new ways to express emotions and connect with others without words
  • Shake off restrictive behaviours and consciously cultivate new aptitudes that better serve you
  • Experience an exhilarating natural high


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