Coming to your Senses

Saturday 02 Mar 2019
2.30pm - 4.30pm
Community College - Stream 3

Coming to your Senses

An erotic and sensual journey to charge the orgasmic current through the heart. This is an experience of expansion rather than disconnection, of opening rather than shutting down, of empowerment rather than fear and contraction.

Waking the subtle senses, your body wisdom and orgasmic nature. Aligning the sex centre, heart and awareness as the full expression of your potent essence. Perhaps it’s as simple as reframing what orgasm is, and granting permission finally, to open to this kind of ease and flow. This can break down the need for that mind-driven state of play, the performance and the drama that can hook us in our current world.

Discover the secrets for awakening the body, with the nervous system calm, and being present for yourself. Then connecting….No agenda, receiving touch, honouring boundaries, feeling safe, and in that safety then melting open, tuning in to subtle sweetness, allowing the breath to deepen, surrender to the moment. This is precious. This is honouring. This is sacred.

What to expect:

  • Any gender welcome
  • Suitable for first timers
  • Clothing optional
  • Solo work and group practices
  • Be as discreet or expressive as you like in the room

* Experiential workshop
Bring a sarong or towel if possible

Interactive and Experiential parts

There will be a short introduction about how to move sexual energy through the body, with breath, sound and movement, about keeping the nervous system calm, and staying present in the body. You’re learning to honour your own boundaries in every moment, not abandoning yourself to just go through the motions to get a release.

There will be practices, moving through the room as a group, interacting with each other as a collective, allowing yourself to be seen without disconnecting, staying present in the body, and with the breath without shutting down.
Next, we’ll move into a solo practice for circulating sexual energy through the body. Everyone is in their own space for this, Waking up the energy with breath, sound and movement, and tuning into the energising current running through the sex centre to the heart and third eye.

Then comes the “Senses Banquet”: All will write down their boundaries for touch. (Paper and pens provided). Half the room will lay down, to receive different types of touch (Optional blindfolds provided). There will be an assortment of feathers, scents, silks, flogger, chocolate etc available for the the other half – the “Giver group” to draw from. The Giver group will move through the room, offering a range of touch experiences for the receiver group. This will be a senses indulgence, within each individual’s boundaries, for their pleasure, and for their sensual awareness.
The groups will then swap, and the receivers become the givers, and vice versa.

We will complete the workshop with an “Orgasmic Mandala”. We’ll form a group pattern with all participants, and feel the current running through as a collective. Eg, Group spooning or star shape.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Open orgasmic pathways beyond habit and conditioning
  • Exercise your boundaries – feeling sensual AND safe
  • Rewire the nervous system to be calm and in pleasure at the same time
  • Find more ease and presence in your body
  • Broaden your pleasure options without an agenda

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