Closing Ceremony

Sunday 03 Mar 2019
4.30 – 6.00pm
Theatre - Stream 1

Closing Ceremony

The Closing ceremony of Taste of Love 2018 is an important part of integration and bringing internal and external closure to the processes, growth and connections we have made at the duration of the festival.  We close the container, honour the audience, presenters, organisers and volunteers and release the energy back into the land and the world as our paths seperate until we see each other again somewhere in the world or at the next festival.

The audience will be immersed into a ‘global culture’ ceremony acting as the catalyst of connection between all people involved and providing an artistic expression of love, sex and consciousness as well as an honouring of all embodiment’s, genders, races, cultures and backgrounds.

Utilising creative mediums such as spoken word, dance and live music. The closing ceremony of Taste of Love will uplift and inspire all participants and create grounding and good foundations to use what we have learned or opened in the years to come.

Interactive and Experiential parts

We will unite all attendees and organisers through a ceremony through the use of touch, breath and sound.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Opening into the collective
  • Bringing the energy back to ourselves
  • Saying goodbyes
  • Mind blowing, body warming, heart opening
  • Spirit unfolding!

Indicator Bars and Inclusivity




Challenge Level

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