Taste of Love Closing Ceremony

Friday 13 Mar 2020
10.30am - 12.30pm
Big Marquee 'Ecstasy'

Taste of Love Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony will involve all participants of the festival to honour each others journeys, generate gratitude and blessings and share what we received with abundance to each other and into the world. Returning the land back into it’s wild state we too will fully step into ourselves empowering and vulnerable as we leave the festival, and gain tools how to do so. As always this is guided participation with art and music that speaks directly to your soul, we invite everyone to be there.

Interactive and Experiential parts

There will be movement and heart opening exercises and performances in this ceremony.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Closing the sacre container and completing.
  • Feeling the gratitude and sacredness of the week together.
  • Learning how to take yourself back into the world.
  • Integration process and letting go, but not gone.
  • Feeling part of an ongoing growing community of friends.
  • Saying your goodbyes.

Indicator Bars and Inclusivity

Please self select according to your level of interest and willingness to be challenged.




Challenge Level