Boundary & Consent Workshop

Friday 20 Apr 2018
2.00pm -4.30pm

Boundary & Consent Workshop

Boundaries are something we rarely play with and take time to understand or tune into. We are so concerned what we are in relation to others and in togetherness that we often miss to know our true selves. As kids we are often taught that our boundaries (what we wish for and things we don’t like) don’t matter to adults or the outer world so we start to live a life focussed on the outside rather than focussing inward and remaining true with ourselves. Boundaries we need with friends, in social situations, dancing, cuddling and in any type of relationship especially long term ones. It’s the awareness to be who you are and to remain who you are in a loving well communicated way honouring yourself and the other with love at all times. Boundaries are the foundation of authenticity and power. Come and journey deeper with us in this introductory session to be fully prepared for the festival.

The festival itself has a code of ethics which in a way is a set of boundaries we have prepared for you to feel safe in the space, you can read up on those here.

The opposite side of boundaries are desires, things we need and want and wish for. This is equally importnat as knowing how to say no, negotiate and protect ourselves. This workshop will cover both aspects of your full empowerment and pathway to safety and therefore joy.

Interactive and Experiential parts

Exercises to feel your boundaries and express them verbally and non-verbally.

Expressing your desires and playing with negotiation, yes and no.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • This session allows the participant to feel safe at the event
  • Work with internal and external dialogues and fear of communication
  • Learn that setting boundaries makes you safe and others safe too
  • Have fun when you realise we all have the same fears, needs and ways of getting what we want
  • Discover new ways of communication

Indicator Bars and Inclusivity




Challenge Level

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