Body Whisperer Demo

Sunday 03 Mar 2019
2.30pm – 4.30pm
Theatre - Stream 1

Body Whisperer Demo

Shedding physical, emotional and energetic constriction in the body

  • Awakening orgasmic pathways
  • Beyond shut down and disconnection
  • 3 simple steps to body bliss

Inviting one being back into their body, to stay relaxed and in their ease, to embody orgasmic flow, rather than going for a release. Spreading the pleasure through every pore. Dismantling, melting, and dropping any blocks or shutdown to the sweet flow there. Opening subtle pathways, resonating through the heart, changing the neurology, mapping the different pleasure senses available now – Changing the story, those patterns that sit behind disconnection. Finding more pleasure, connection and intimacy here as they discover the power of staying connected in the body, in pleasure and riding sweet waves…. Waking one person’s ecstatic memory.

Interactive and Experiential parts

I will begin with a talk about how we created patterns for survival which no longer serve, These stories limit our ability to create in the world, limit our intimacy in relating, and limit our pleasure. We are orgasmic beings, and it was a learned response to shut that down. Here, we drop the constriction and the self talk that shuts down this vital essence within us. Here we claim back our power and our beauty. Here we drop the stories, and reset our reality for more love, power and freedom.

I invite a relaxed and trusted space. The audience will be an important part of this space holding. The demo is invited to receive touch, identify blocks that shut down orgasmic energy, drop that programming and allow orgasmic energy to flow. The demo itself will take approximately 45 minutes to one hour.
I welcome all questions, and it can become a discussion once the demo is complete.

  • How we disconnected from our vital force
  • Simple steps to access this body bliss
  • A demonstration for releasing blocks and moving energy
  • Witness the process
  • Culminate with a beautiful and powerful visualisation to reset your alignment with orgasmic flow.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Receive a frame of reference for releasing blocks
  • Participate in a transformational space
  • Learn the keys to shedding old beliefs that are stored in the body
  • Receive a powerful transmission
  • Take home techniques for your private journey

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