Body Play – Immersive Dance Experience

Saturday 02 Mar 2019
10.30am - 12.30pm
Theatre - Stream 1

Body Play – Immersive Dance Experience

BODY PLAY is a movement-based workshop that gives you a taste of our life changing approach to awareness of the self and deeper connections to others. It is a powerful and transformative journey connecting you to your unique expression while forging deeper relationships to others through authentic movement.

By learning tools to access your own creative expression you will unlock your full potential and awaken the internal body awareness. Individually and collectively we will break through sensual, sexual, and heart boundaries to support one another in the expansion of our mind-body. At this workshop you will tap into your personal power to aid the ascent into your full expression of freedom.

Expand and enhance your movement vocabulary, creating heightened freedom within your dance. Learn tools to uncover your authentic expression of movement. Awaken the animal body.

Move beyond the mind. Become deeply familiar with your own energetic landscape, tighten your sensitivity to vibration, and learn how to move from the inside out.

Explore different ways to utilize your physical body to express and relate with others. Become aware of subtle energy fields and how to communicate with others on deeper levels.

Gain confidence and the capacity to move beyond limiting belief systems around sex, love, sensuality, and intimacy. Discover how to express yourself in a way that enriches your life.

Learn how to safely, passionately, and consciously share space with others on a common vibration, collectively creating an energetic conversation translated into movement.

Gain the skills necessary to non-verbally cultivate meaningful relationships with others, surpassing the mind/ego connection, and allowing for a meeting of the true selves at a heart level.

No dance experience required, all are welcome.
This workshop can be designed to run from 1.5 hours – 3 hours.

Interactive and Experiential parts

This workshop is 100% Interactive and Experiential! We will guide participants through a series of solo, partnered, and group exercises exploring movement, embodied dance, tantra, and contact dance. As well as verbal sharing exercises. Facilitators will explain concepts and ideas during and between exercises, but everyone will be expected to actively participate during the entire workshop.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Increase comfort and ability to dance with others

  • Gain expand sense of personal freedom

  • Discover new ways of having meaningful connections to others

  • Learn the difference between sex, love, intimacy, and sensuality

  • Gain tools for effectively & non-verbally communicating boundaries & consent

  • Acquire greater kinesthetic awareness and capacity

  • Become more sensitive to subtle energy fields

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