The Art of Deep Listening

Saturday 14 Mar 2020
10.30am - 12.30pm
Big Marquee 'Ecstasy'

The Art of Deep Listening

Do you know the difference between hearing and listening?
Have you been told you don’t listen?

Would you like to be a better listener?
In this session, we will practice deep listening – not just for the words, and what they mean… but more…

This is a practice circle where there is no teacher other than life itself.

We want to listen better because listening is about information, knowledge, and wisdom.

Listen because your life depends on it.

Without deep listening, we cannot be there for our beloved.

Deep listening connects, heals, and is love.

We want to love deeply… feel deeply… and so let’s listen.

Listen with your ears – understand what they mean.

Listen with your heart – feel what they feel.

Listen with your whole being – read their energy.
Listen deeply.

P/S… every practice circle will be different! Join us and meet new friends!

5 Core Benefits from Attending this Workshop

  • Process male/ female roles we hold and affects us-
  • Develop compassion and empathy for all of humanity regardless of gender-
  •  Learn to listen more consciously without excessive questions, interruptions and judgment-
  •  Learn to ground extra/ unwanted emotional charge out of body-
  •  Experience what holding space for somebody means

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