Acro Yoga

Tuesday 17 Mar 2020
07.00 am - 08.00am
Marquee ' Pleasure'

Acro Yoga

Acroyoga is essentially the art of stacking people on top of other people in an effort to elicit the sense of gravity defiance. It creates a uniquely intimate space to deepen into trust, communication and creativity with regular side effects being excessive smiling and incidental cuddle puddles.
Practitioners gain strength, flexibility, increased awareness of themselves, and a deepened sense of connection, communication and trust with others through the art of conscious touch, encased within a fitness practice.
Here we’ll be offering an intro into the acrobatic and flying therapeutic worlds of acroyoga,

This class will be accessible to all able bodied people, with no previous experience or fitness level required.

Core Benefits for Participants of This Session:

  • Deepen into authentic connection within yourself.
  • Upgrade our central nervous system
  • Become physically stronger and more flexible.
  • Safe introduction into acrobatic play
  • Increasing your presence and awareness with others
  • Deepen into trust
  • Learn how to make quality exercise an intimate experience


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