Rewilding Heart, Sex & Soul Retreat


May 2nd – 8th 2022



Rewilding Heart, Sex & Soul Retreat

A 7 day journey unlike no other.

Rewilding Heart Sex & Soul, as the name suggests, is a journey into your heart, your core the centre of your being. The heart wisdom and voice which sits in between the soul/crown/ higher purpose and body/instinct/ sex drive is an important mediator to deeply feel and understand and its function as part of our human incarnation. As spirit incarnates into the physical/matter, it needs to learn how to move with the body, with the survival instincts, the animal in order to fully incarnate and for us to feel in balance, in harmony within ourselves all three centres need to be understood, their language learned so we can have a rich and also congruent experience of our consciousness, emotions, feelings and thoughts.

In one if its original meanings, tantra is the realisation of the interconnectedness of all things, like a carpet being woven everything coexists with one another, hence we often hear the saying ‘we are all one’ which literally speaking is correct but rarely do we experience this for real. It all starts within ourselves before we can become and know ourselves as a part of the whole, a loop of the carpet. This experience and sometimes lasting new found truth can be had through the practice of tantra which is no other than – working with how things really are, through observation we do not shy away from the truth but allow it to surface, sometimes we refer to tis as shadow work or awakening, or enlightening meaning awaken whats dormant or shining light on whats still laying in the dark within.

This training also includes sexual practices because sexual force or life force is essential for our vitality and health. Sexual energy when suppressed also can create depression and creative blockages so we don’t leave any part of you out. We work with embodiment techniques, somatic therapies that heal the body, release stress and old traumas to reset it releasing vitality and energy. We also use practices that help the soul understand the humanity of being incarnated in the body. We work with the emotions, with the vulnerability that comes when we allow ourselves to fully move into trust and move into our heart. Eventually we experience ourselves very connected to our core and the core of all other participants.

This training is suitable for singles and couples alike. We take care of relationships and support couples to have a profound week with each other coming out renewed and fresh, deepen their intimacy and love for one another.

This journey will definitely deepen your communication skills, connection and levels of intimacy. Teach you new sexual techniques that can enhance and increase pleasure in your life, open doors to new forms of intimacy ‘in-to-me-see’.

Let go of layers of shame, some attachment trauma, understanding new communication skills, belief systems, we provide a huge range of experiences that create enormous transformation. We work with some ancient rituals that communicate directly to the soul. We also work with your nervous system and somatic therapies that help you understand the language of your body, we will encourage you to find the you you can trust, to work with your slowest parts and to become your own best friend that you truly love.

Please join us to explore this incredible journey from which you will return new and fresh, with tools that will truly change your life.

We can’t wait to see you here, please read some of our many testimonials if you are unsure if this training is right for you.

Also, people familiar with the ISTA trainings, Rewilding Heart Sex & Soul is a stand alone training in its own right, and does serve anyone who is planning on attending an ISTA training or post ISTA training to help you integrate.

The training brings about great healing and joy, and great connections with good people, held at an ancient Aboriginal initiation site. We couldn’t be lucker, a place of great peace in wild nature, the perfect place for us to get in touch with our true nature as well.

Be nourished by gluten free, vegan scrumptious meals, a truly peaceful week away surrounded by nature with a beautiful dam to swim in.

I hope you will join us for the next training, pls check for dates as we run them throughout the year.


Marion Ellyard the facilitator of this training, certified counsellor, yoga and meditation teacher with experience in the fields of shamanism, cutting edge psychology, quantum physics, mysticism and psychosomatic bodywork, is sharing what she feels are some of the most foundational pieces needed to be understood and most of all fully experienced and embodied to live a full, joyful and meaningful human life.

*This is a Covid Safe Event, We do offer refunds (-$30 admin fee), or we can offer a credit transfer to another event….ONLY if you give 7 days notice.


Everybody is welcome over 18, singles and couples, any gender orientation.


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