The Dome | Sauna, Spa, Massage & Cuddles | Sep 8

The popular nourishing, community oriented, connective event is back! Good for the body, heart, nervous system and spirit. The nights are getting colder and as a community we have less opportunity to co-regulate!
A lightly guided program in a held environment, arrive on time, closed container after 6:00pm. The focus is on love, sensuality and presence, a NON sexual event.
Event will be held once every month during winter. Limited to 26 people.

The Dome – Sauna, Spa, Massage & Cuddles

Join in and drop into a space that is designed to give you full control over your own experience. Whether you come to use the facilities alone on your own journey or colaborate with other participants in multiple variants of massage or co-regulatory practices, your evening is sure to be rejuvinating in mind, body and spirit. Share, receive and give massage or feel good on your own, listen to your body, let it heal it's desired way.
Use the facilities to tailor your experience, have a hot magnesium spa outside under the stars, take an infared sauna and detox and raise your core temperature, have an ice bath, swim laps in the creek or shower to enliven your senses, detox and gain vitality. Rest in front of one of the fires, enjoy some cuddles and nibble on healthy snacks and detox teas. Touch both physical and non-physical, being seen and seeing, relaxing deeply with the intentionally chosen music, taking a journey with the self and others that will leave you feeling whole and nourished.
This event is about being held, following the joy of your heart, receiving a massage, sharing heart to heart, having a cuddle, having a sauna and a spa and a wonderful night together. Each one is a unique colaboration of it's participants and the facilitators.
Time: 6:00pm – 10.00pm
Location: Burringbar
What to bring (obligatory): 2 Towels, water bottle, sheet, a plate of fruit or HEALTHY food or drinks to share. If you like your own massage oil. Teas and water will be provided.
Guided by - Karl Odenbreit,. Looking forward seeing you there!

Tickets are Non-Refundable or Transferable.



This is an Adult event, please be self responsible and note that everything on offer is optional - take home what works for you what you feel you can relate to that benefits your life and the life of others, leave the rest.
The programs are designed to create expansion into ourselves and a degree of awakening through increased wholistic self awareness using a combination of traditional psychology and common therapy approaches, embodiment through body dearmouring such as movement, sound and breath, spirituality.
Through applying different views to our reality and changing patterns through changing beliefs, sexuality through using the power of our lifeforce/chi that runs through us by increasing it and learning to direct it into different areas, experiencing the wisdom of pleasure itself, emotional release and understanding of human behaviour through melting away numbness into deeper feeling and deep listening to what our emotions want to teach us.
We offer support during and after our events if needed but events are designed in a way to help participants to self and co regulate and gain greater power and freedom and authenticity in their life.

Event Details

Date: September 08, 2023

Start time: 17:30 AEDT

End time: 22:00 AEDT

Venue: Upper Burringbar

Coordinates: Upper Burringbar

Directions: Upper Burringbar