Shamanic Womb Journey

EARLYBIRD closes October 29th

You will need to purchase Accomodation & Meals separately.

A deep dive into the feminine mysteries… with Facilitator Janine Ma-Ree.

On this womb journey, through circle, shamanic ritual and ancient temple arts you will remember how to access and activate the light hidden in the depths of the womb known as the dark light


A deep dive into the feminine mysteries…

The source of feminine power is in the heart of matter/mada/mother. This journey is an embodied descent into the dark light of the womb and her ancient primordial wisdom.

An activated Womb is alive, pulsating, and an endless depth of love, wisdom and power. The womb and her sacred elixir the womb blood creates a portal to the feminine mysteries and a direct connection to the greater She..

You will awaken archetypes and the mystery of She within you.

You will discover and connect more deeply to your primordial wisdom.

You will activate the power of your womb and discover how to open into the feminine hearts natural state of deep rapture.

You will come home to the depths of yourself…

On this 7 day live in journey we will explore

  • Womb gates experiential
  • Womb Blood mysteries
  • Feminine archetypes light and dark
  • Womb activation
  • Womb gates shadow work
  • Womb gates ecstatic embodiment
  • Power of descent
  • Collective and feminine lineage clearing
  • Awakening the priestess
  • The path of the feminine mystic
  • Dark matter, dark light and the holy dark
  • Earth womb and cosmic womb portals
  • Dark light activation
  • Sisterhood taboo
  • Healing the patriarchal shadow within
  • Returning the feminine and masculine to original innocence
  • Merging with the beloved.

There will be 3 delicious, healthy meals per day and 5 nights of accommodation.

Vegetarian and Gluten Free Catering

Limited to 30 people only.
***Please note that this venue can only be accessed by 4WDs, so it is not possible to sleep in your van. You will be shuttled from the venue car park to the venue by 4WD vehicles***
*This is a Covid Safe Event, if you are unable to attend due to border closure, and/or lockdown, we offer a credit transfer to another event, or a refund (-$30 admin fee)*

Event Details

Start date: November 29, 2021

End date: December 05, 2021

Start time: 11:00 AEDT

End time: 14:00 AEDT