1 Day Workshop + Temple Night : July 2nd

Craving FUN, good company, exploring new things?

Feeling disconnected?

We warmly invite you to our 1 Day Workshop + Temple Night.


Reignite a loving connection with yourself and / or your beloved.


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Whilst we love to offer deep immersive tantra retreats and training, the 1 Day workshop & Temple Night is a wonderful way to explore Tantra,  to come and meet us, refresh yourself with sacred ritual, or to reconnect with your beloved, and meet new friends.

PROGRAM: 1 Day Workshop

The day is divided into a morning session and an afternoon session. Each session has one long tantric ritual in it that can be done within your own comfort level. The sessions are both healing, revealing and include eros, love, trust and bring naturally through the renewed connection to ourselves a vitality, joy and radiance that always is there as a current beneath the surface.

We often work with different types of massage, oil, the senses for parts of the day and will feel into the flow what’s needed the most for each group.


The venue is cosy and limiting participants to 20 people creates a soft intimate atmosphere that allows us to go deep and turn within.

We are as always so excited to invite you into our wonderful temple space.

Program Temple Night: 

– A guided program of beautiful tantric processes and rituals, second half clothing optional, until 11pm then free hang out play until midnight.
– Touch & sensory awareness exercises around the wheel of consent
– sensory delights to share
– Soft beats
– a safe space where everyone participates and has ongoing support
– A free ecstatic play space from 11pm until midnight.


What to bring:
– water bottle
– sarong and towel
– massage oil
– a scrumptious lovingly prepared plate of finger food to share
– dress up SEXY

The focus on this night will really be gratitude for the wonderful conscious community we have here, our friends and cuddle buddies that touch our hearts along the way and release all this oxytocin to nurture us.


*This is a Covid Safe Event,  we can offer a credit transfer to another event. Please see our Payment Policy HERE

Event Details

Date: July 02, 2022

Start time: 10:00 AEST

End time: 23:00 AEST

Venue: 335 Burringbar Rd, Upper Burringbar

Coordinates: 335 Burringbar Rd, Upper Burringbar