“Shamelessness is the key to opening up authentic expression in men. A true sovereign man holds the presence needed for the masculine wisdom and power to truly impact the world.”

Festival Presenter

Competition & Compersion (Men)

Tyran has been looking at these aspects of himself since 2014, which has led him around the world to learn from some of the leading facilitators in Conscious Sexuality, Spirituality, Shamanism and Yoga.

On this journey I realised that I wasn’t the only one. I was suffering in silence not knowing that there were millions of people out there going through the same thing. SO I started talking. I started sharing, I started making noise again. And this thing that I though was a curse has turned out to be my greatest gift.

This shamelessness that I had thought, was my worst attribute, now with some awareness and a new found respect for boundaries, consent and communication, is now what I use to help people ope up and explore the parts of themselves that they felt they haven’t been able to acknowledge in the past for whatever their personal reasons are.

So here I am. Willing to listen and hear anything you have to say and guide you on whatever journey you feel like you need in order to liberate yourself from the stories that you are not worthy of LOVE!

Because you are love, and I am love, and love flows in abundance everywhere. The sooner we can remember this the sooner we liberate ourselves from our own mind stories and we can then start actually living it.

I have now been supporting Men and Women around the world remove shame, guilt or fear around their natural raw expression and also giving them framework and tools to be in loving, harmonic relationships with themselves first and then with anyone and everyone else in their life.



Sunday  March 21st  Big Marquee ‘Ecstasy’ @ 10:30-12:30am
Friday Big Marquee ‘Ecstasy’ @ 5-7pm

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