Our talented Emcee for this year’s festival, Tahnee Woolf, is a modern ‘Renaissance woman’. She is a published author, and has also been a corporate lawyer, Oxford scholar, screenwriter, radio show host, personal development coach, workshop facilitator, spiritual channel, Feldenkrais Practitioner, high level writer, inspirational speaker and public speaking mentor.  She is the co-creator of the ‘Ten Terrains Of Consciousness’, a groundbreaking model that explains the different paradigms on our planet, and she speaks and writes about this globally.
Tahnee is a gifted communicator, storyteller and comedienne, is highly skilled at reading human dynamics in all forms, loves to hold space for deep sharing and growth in others, thrives on laughter and joy, and is a heart opener and inspirational spirit.
For more information, please visit: www.tahneewoolf.com and www.tenterrains.com

Festival EMCEE



Tahnee is known as ‘The Conscious Emcee’. She loves to emcee large heart-centered gatherings that activate deep transformation, and she is super excited to be emceeing our Taste Of Love festival this year! 

As an emcee, Tahnee holds a powerful field of love. She keeps the schedule running smoothly, while radiating joy, charisma and enthusiasm. She regulates the emotional flow of the event, facilitating depth and insight, but also injecting humour and play when needed. She provides a constant, stable, caring presence, always tuned in to the wisdom of Infinite Consciousness.

Tahnee’s intention for this Festival is that at all times everybody feels welcome, connected and safe. She will make sure that you have all the practical information you need to enjoy the Festival. She will interview the presenters each day so you can hear about their workshops and feel into which one most strongly calls to you. She will facilitate daily Pods where you can connect with other festival-goers and share your experiences. She will check in with the energy of the ‘group field’ throughout the event, to ensure that the vibe remains authentic, healthy and joyful. And she will be there to introduce every major event over the 3 days, ensuring that you always have a focal point at the Festival who you can trust, to keep you centered, grounded and inspired.

She is excited to share these 3 days with you! Get ready for…Passion, Joy, Connection, Community, A-ha Moments, Sacredness, Heart, Fun and Flow!

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