Stephanie Philipps

Stephanie is a powerful transformation guide at the forefront of the conscious sexuality movement. She initiates groups through Tantric and shamanic practices, pattern reframing and the deep remembering of our innate wisdom. She draws on her extensive background in Dance, Psychotherapy, Yoga, Reiki and the Healing Arts. Here is a unique opportunity to work with the expertise of someone who has supported thousands of people to journey through the deep spirals of shadow, opening the realms of truth and richer wisdom. She’s a global facilitator, and ISTA faculty since 2015.

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Stephanie Philipps


An erotic and sensual journey to charge the orgasmic current through the heart. This is an experience of expansion rather than disconnection, of opening rather than shutting down, of empowerment rather than fear and contraction.

Discover the secrets for awakening the body whilst being present with yourself. Then connecting – no agenda, feeling safe, melting open, tuning into subtle sweetness, allowing the breath to deepen, and surrender to the moment. This is precious. This is honouring. This is sacred.

– Learn how to move sexual energy through the body, and stay present with the experience

– Learn to honour your own boundaries in every moment, not abandoning yourself by disconnecting

– Share group and solo practices, for circulating sexual energy through the body

– Wake up orgasmic flow with breath, sound and movement, and tune into the energising current running through the sex centre and heart



 This is a guided journey of remembering.

Here you drop into the imaginal realm and find yourself in a safe place, a sacred place, a place that time forgot.

The portal is open. There are codes within you which have been dormant, and now you’re called to come home to the majesty that you are. It activates through your orgasmic current, and through your rediscovered sacred symbols.

First however, you’ll clear the blocks that hold you back, and drop the stories that have bound you. This is as a collective group process, however each person is in their own journey. Then we step through the portal together through a guided visualisation.  You return to the temple within you that has been hidden, untapped and out of your awareness for so long.

The ancient ones are gathered, the keepers of the mystery are waiting, the lineage of your family is here to witness your return, as you light the flame as way-shower, magician, priest/ess, temple pillar, and conduit for awakening on the planet.

You’ll return to your sacred chamber, you’ll meet the guardians of that inner sanctum, you’ll recognise the jewels and geometries encrusted there. You’ll call forth your own sacred symbol once more – your signature, your code, activating the spiral chain through every cell of your being, in ecstatic current.

This is an activation journey supported be a powerful playlist. It’s an inner journey that doesn’t need any movement in the space.


This is a sharing of personal experiences and insights. Having journeyed through the stages of maiden, mother and now menopause as a vibrant and sexual woman, I’m here to share about these transitions with you. I share about the sacred waters of the priestess, and the offering of moon-blood as part of our connection to the rhythm of the elements, nature and all life. These deep and powerful gifts of ‘woman’ have been denied for too long. Instead of looking to be filled from the outer world, it is time to breathe life back into our waters, to honour wisdom of the years, and the beauty of gifts we carry with us in our bellies that this world has been so hungry for. The blessings that flow from us are ever-deepening portals of healing and love.

In this session you’ll also experience the portal of possibilities open for yourself, with a guided journey to activate the connection to ancient memory, the gift of the waters, and the deeper resonance of the mystical power within.

Let’s explore the possibilities together.



Friday Marquee ‘Pleasure’ @ 5-7 pm
Saturday Big Marquee ‘Ecstasy’ 2:30-4:30pm
Hall ‘Joy’ 10:30am-12:30pm

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