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We are often aroused by thought, an image, or the texture and scent of our lover’s back… but can we expand from a subject-object arousal to Pure Eros itself?

This is a guided self-pleasure journey to make love to your own cells, atoms and consciousness as well as the invisible world of the macrocosm – the space, the galaxy and the dark matter that shapes all of it. 

Using poetry, cosmology and hypnotic soundscapes, the journey is of your capacity to feel, to touch subtle sensations and edges of awareness. 

And as we open to our own universe… we may learn to touch others into their depths. The second part of our journey explores how we can collide as galaxies – how we can feel all the bodies of another being. Exploring intimacy in the physical, energetic, emotional, astral and nondual realms.

First part is all about the individual tuning into their own sensate landscape and activating subtle bodies and the field of awareness. 

The second part is to explore in movement, the space, the shapes and sounds and feel of others and experience the WHOLE space as ONE organism. 

The workshop is orgasmic but in a subtle sense – no genital touch required, some clothing ideally kept on. 

My intention is for participants to really sensitise themselves into feeling what a great cosmos we live in, we are and we interact with through others.


Saturday March 20th ‘Hall Joy’ @ 5-7 pm

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