Leyolah Antara

Leyolah Antara is a lineage keeper of the Ancient T⌆ntric Alchemical Healing Arts and High Priestess of Isis Magdalene. She is a master ecstatic alchemist and transformational guide. She has created Kundalini Dance, an Embodied Alchemical Healing Practice over the past 30 years. Leyolah has published a book and has trained over 200 facilitators worldwide.

Leyolah has a gift to help activate the shakti in both men and women so that they can experience more radical aliveness and ecstatic life force flowing through their body.

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Leyolah Antara

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Leyolah Antara

Sexual Sovereignty

Sexual Sovereignty is about pulling in, rising up and circulating your sexual energy. It involves sealing all the ways that you leak your sexual power, whether that be through seeking approval, validation or false security through your sexual relationships.


When one is sexually sovereign we are no longer seeking to complete ourselves through the other, but we meet the other in wholeness. It means being sexually fulfilled, alive and connected to your passion and vitality with or without a partner.


To become sexually sovereign, we are required to enter into the dark void of the mystery, to dissolve our past sexual bonds, energetic attachments, to reset and renew and become whole again.

This is the place we will explore relating from. 

We will meet in a sacred ceremonial temple space, to explore tantric, shamanic embodiment practices. We will breath and move, sometimes in group synchronisity. We will explore tantric intimacy practices in dyads and have moments to be in the silence of communion with the mystery.

This workshop will involve a short teaching and demo of the process and then we dive into working in pairs. Each person will have an opportunity to dive in and experience this powerful process. 


The Art of Presencing 

“The Art of Presencing “ is a Somatic Inner Inquiry Process, that you can use as a powerful process when you are in a trigger. 

“Presencing” gives us the opportunity to hold the uncomfortable feelings in love and acceptance and eventually with sutained loving presence, an expansion occurs, a healing occurs. 

“Presencing” is a great skill for you to create more intimacy and connection with your partner, when you are ready to take RADICAL self responsibility for yourself as the source of your own experience. 

Presencing is a magnificent tool that when we use it immeditaly breaks the cycle of wounded relating bringing us home to the truth of love at the core of it all.

This workshop will involve a short teaching and demo of the process and then we dive into working in pairs. Each person will have an opportunity to dive in and experience this powerful process.

Sacred Inner Union

Equinox Celebration

With Leyolah Antara, Ria Rhythms and friends.

The Equinox is a day of equal balance of both day and night, dark and light. We will gather in an ecstatic dance temple to explore and Embody the Quaternity of the Dark + Light Masculine and The Dark + Light Feminine energies within. Calling back the lost or disowned parts of self to reclaim your vitality, your sexual aliveness, your passion and playfullness.

You’ll move through SHAMANIC, TANTRIC & EMBODIMENT experiences that you may have never seen, done or even read about before. I hope to surprise myself and get inventive. Lets keep it fresh and end with a bang.


Friday Big Marquee @ 2:30-4.30pm
Saturday Big Marquee ‘Ecstasy’ @ 5-7pm
Sunday Big Marquee ‘Ecstasy’ @ 9:30-11:30pm

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