Kate is a psychologist, Insight meditation and compassion teacher and aMindful Self-Compassion (MSC) teacher.
She has specialist knowledge and extensive experience in practicing Compassion- Focused, Emotion Focused and Buddhist informed psychotherapy.
Kate has worked this was for the past 23 years with individuals, couples and groups to facilitating change and growth around issues of sexuality, spirituality, relationships and identity.  
Currently, Kate Works in private practice, provides training for therapists and  also  works within corporate wellbeing initiatives.

Festival Presenter

Healing Attachment Trauma and Conscious Relating.
Conscious Relating can be an expansion into great love and connection and a vehicle for unearthing and  re- experiencing attachment trauma.   
Raising our mind/body consciousness in relating also has the potential healing of attachment wounds. Wounds that can be stored deep in the unconscious, in the cells of our bodies,  and in the case of ancestral trauma,  in the very matter of our bones and the spiral essence of our DNA.
This workshop uncovers the blessings and burdens of your attachment patterning, and  is an opportunity to surface critical moments of attachment trauma from the past locked in your mind/body.
Feeling into your current capacity for emotional regulation,  and your availability to human (and other than human) sources of co-regulation of emotion in your life, we will explore concepts of safe haven relationships and safe base relationships. How do these essential relationships grow and how can they be co-created?  This workshop focuses on how refuge in spaces feels somatically to continue to heal attachment trauma and keep expanding in love and trust.
Illuminate and understand potential attachment wounds and triggers
Learn and experience personal emotional regulation techniques and co-regulation (with others) processes
Understand safe haven and safe base needs
Experience the conscious creation and embodiment of these concepts giving and receivin
Open to more love and trust of self and others
Experiential parts:
Cocreation through group horsing of workshop concepts and terms
Meditation/deep journey to access attachment trauma
Embodied practices in groups to experience workshop concepts experientially


Saturday   Marquee ‘Pleasure’ @ 5-7 pm

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