My name is Amber Hopkins and I am a kink and intimacy educator.

One of my biggest passions in life is sharing the gifts that I have experienced by combining tantra with BDSM. 

I have always been kinky but up until about 6 years I was too scared or overwhelmed to explore it. 

I have now been delving deeper into it for 3 years in close partnership with my beloved partner and am lucky that I have been able to apply the lessons that I learnt from Tantra and ISTA into that journey.

Festival Presenter

Bringing the principles of tantra into Kink, invites you into the world where you can experience your utmost desires and unusual fantasies with an open heart, awareness, fully capable of expressing your desires and your No with clarity and ownership. There is a lot of shame and taboo we hold around our sexuality, especially if you desire to explore some of the darker sides that we have seen as wrong or unhealthy.

Dominance and submission naturally happen in nature, it is all around us. There are situations in life where you need the extra fire and power to stand for what is right or to make your dreams come true. And there are situations where life urges you to surrender and let go. 

Conscious Kink offers you a platform to embody those aspects within yourself. And this experience will enhance every area of your life. 

I am here to share my insights and knowledge so that more people can experience the transformation and ecstasy that is possible when playing with these realms with love and awareness.


Workshop description. 

1. Setting the scene for surrender.

For the submission to come through in a scene, it is important to feel comfortable, to feel safe, to know who are you playing with. It changes from moment to moment. That is your space to identify where you are at, to claim your desires and to create the most conducive experience for you to surrender. In this workshop, we will explore how to shape these conversations so that you get the best out of your scene. 

You will leave with the skills to create your own scene and be better equipped to ask for what you need and recognize what you need to surrender in that moment.

We will practice asking for what we want and test out different ways that can lead you into a surrendered space.


2. Sensational role play

Role play is one of my favourite aspects of kink play and I love exploring it with my partner. In this workshop you will get a feeling and sensation into what different aspects of submission and domination can look like. It is like giving them a character; they can be fantasy based or archetypes coming to life. So we will pick themed items so that we can bring them to life and explore these new sides of ourselves. Remember playing pretend as kids? 

Now we get to do this as adults adding sexual energy, which makes it much more fun!


Saturday Hall ‘Joy’ @ 2:30-4:30 pm
Sunday Marquee ‘Pleasure’ @ 2:30-4:30 pm

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