Organic Onsite Foods

veets-cuisineVeet’s Cuisine provides 100% organic plant based food which is nutritionally balanced and incredibly delicious. Veet and her team have been bringing plant based goodness to retreats, celebrations and events for the past nine years. Sourcing organic locally grown produce. Our food has been described as abundant, fresh and cooked and served with integrity.

During the Taste of Love Festival the food will be cooked and prepared with love and kindness taking in to consideration the needs of an intimate festival. no raw onion or garlic will be used. All food will be gluten free and other dietary requirements will be well catered for.

Festival Menu:

Friday lunch  

Luscious Plate Roast beetroot and quinoa, adzuki bean pattie, sauerkraut, carrot and red cabbage salad with home made mayonnaise, leafy green salad with sprouts 

Friday dinner 

Nasi Champur plate  Non soy Tempeh, Balinese Brown rice with green veg, coconut sambal, hot spicy sambal (optional) , acar and noodle salad and leafy greens salad 

Saturday lunch 

Macrobiotic love plate millet salad with puffed wild rice, veggies with coriander and macadamia sauce , leafy green salad, gomasio, sauerkraut, and beetroot ginger salad 

Saturday dinner  

Seductive Mexican Plate vegan chorizo, Mexican rice with black bean, green salad , salsa and cashew sour cream- spicy tomato salsa (optional) with palm oil free corn chips 

Sunday lunch 

Taste of Love Plate Hummos, Israeli salad with quinoa, green leafy salad and sprouts, olives (optional) Baked pumpkin and  Zucchini avocado salad

For your ease of mind and comfort we recommend purchasing all four of your meals with us prior to the festival and that way you know you will well cared for and taken care of. As the food will be seasonal a full menu is not available yet but some ideas are below and seasonal produce will be taken into consideration.

Nourish bowls with home made sauerkraut, quinoa salad, roast veggies, leafy green salads, salsa and relishes

Nasi Champour, Balinese special plate with lots of tasty morsels, salad and sambals

Mexican green delight with palm oil free corn chips, vegan chorizo, beans (optional) Mexican rice, guacamole, salsal and cashew sour cream

Macrobiotic heaven with wild and brown rice, miso veggies, leafy green salad, gomasio, pickles and golden beets

All through the festival you can also come along and pick up a chai, hot chocolate, smoothies, home made chocolate or super food bliss ball cookie biscuits and delectable cakes.

With love and gratitude Veet and her team

We offer pre sale reduced main meal tickets (lunches and dinners) for the duration of the festival, to look at the options and to purchase reduced rate pre sale meal tickets please go here:


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