Joshua Shanks

Rebel and Defiant

Festival PResenter
Joshua shanks

Joshua is a NLP and emotions teacher who shares and transmits wisdoms from many lineages to liberate and expand the body, mind and spirit from their limitations. He has been holding events in expansion for 7 years and has a passion for the rebel archetype and liberation.

This workshop will liberate and free you from the bindings and beliefs about anger and rage. Rage in its understood form, is an key element that builds the reality you experience and when you are in this facilitated workshop experience, a liberation occurs that changes the way you experience and use rage, permanently. Once liberated, your rage can be used for speaking up and speaking out. You’ll have an embodiment and knowing of how to harness its power so that you control your future with confidence, clarity and compassion and who doesn’t want that.


Unleash your Rage in the Marquee  – Saturday, Marquee Pleasure @ 1pm-2pm

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