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ISTA training

All information in this form is totally confidential

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Please describe

The information requested below is very important. It will help the Group Facilitator(s) to work with you more effectively. The information will only be seen by the Group Facilitator(s) and the Group Organiser.

Please give a summary of your experience in meditation, workshops, one on one sessions, trainings and/or self-development groups you have attended prior to doing this training.
Have you had any previous experience of Tantra? If the answer to this question is “Yes” please outline this experience briefly.
What are your reasons for coming to this workshop? What are you hoping to learn or discover at this workshop? What would you above all like to experience a shift with?
Have you done a ISTA training before? if so when and how many?
The group includes some physically active structures (some meditations and exercises and dancing). Please let us know if this will present any physical difficulties for you:
Please tell us about any health issues and/or infectious diseases you may have. Please also tell us if you are on medication of any kind (please specify):
Please indicate below if you have any history of psychiatric treatments or if you are currently taking any psychiatric medication:

  1. I agree to breathe, to feel, to be present and to be authentic.
  2. I agree to maintain confidentiality. This means not disclosing any individual’s identities, stories, 
and experiences. I am free to speak about my own experience in the training.
  3. I agree to show up for class each day at the agreed upon time for the duration of the training.
  4. I understand that everything that occurs during this training (from opening circle to closing circle) is part of the transformational process of the event.
  5. I agree to request support, guidance, and help using clear direct requests when I desire it.
  6. I agree to be coachable and I am open to feedback and direction from facilitators.
  7. I agree to take full responsibility for the nature of my experience.
  8. This course is designed to awaken powerful emotional energies. I agree to use the tools, techniques and philosophies being taught to process these emotions.
  9. I agree to maintain a non-violent environment in the training, i.e. making sure not to damage myself, anyone or anything around me.
  10. I agree to refrain from drugs and alcohol during the training.
  11. I agree to not gossip on the training about others, and to speak directly to the person I have an issue with. If someone attempts to gossip with me about others, I agree to support them to speak directly to the person concerned.
  12. I agree to ask people if they want feedback before I give it to them, and at a time that is suitable for both of us.
  13. I agree to allow people to have their experience and not intervene unless they ask for support: i.e not passing tissues and not giving touch, hugs or advice that has not been requested.
  14. I understand that this retreat explores sexuality and spirituality. As an adult I agree to be responsible for my own sexual experiences and interactions with others (including facilitators and agreements with partners at home). If I choose to act on my or others desires, I will use clear direct verbal communication and safer sex practices.
  15. If at any time I feel that the training is not appropriate for me or I wish to leave the training, I agree to bring my concerns directly to the course facilitators.
  16. I understand that if I break these agreements, I may be compromising the value I could receive from this training.
  17. That I will fully participate in this workshop in which I am registered. I understand that I am participating at my own risk.
  18. That I am physically and psychologically able to do such workshop or program and that I have no medical problems or condition which may be affected by activities at the workshop /program, such as dance, movement, breath, energy work, etc. I agree to monitor my participation and not exceed my own limits. I assume all risk from any consequences due to any pre-existing physical or psychological conditions that I have. If I become aware of such a condition or problem during the workshop / program I agree to inform the facilitators and contact my physician immediately.
  19. That in lawful consideration for participating in this workshop / program, I hereby agree that I, my heirs, assigns, guardians, distributes, personal representatives, executors, spouse and relatives will not make a claim against, or file a lawsuit, attach the property of, or prosecute the Organizer or Facilitators or their sponsors, agents, co-teachers, employees, partners, assigns, and successors in interest, for injury or damage.
  20. Further, in consideration of the presentation of the activity, I agree to release, and forever discharge the Organizer and Facilitators and their sponsors, agents, co-teachers, employees, owner, successors and assigns from any, and all such liability, responsibility, and obligation to them arising out this workshop / program.

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