Taste of Love Festival Immersion

4-7 March, 2019, Byron Bay, directly after the Taste of Love Festival


Limited places to 60 participants of Taste of Love Festival only.

Our invitation: Come and join us for a relaxing, deepening and intimate journey and spend 3 days with us in this magical hinterland retreat just out of Byron Bay. 


The Taste of Love Festival Immersion is designed to transport you into a continuation of deepening with yourself and others after the Taste of Love Festival. 

We will check in together and get everyone settled in the warm sunny weather of early March and start our journey with a yummi lunch on Monday the 4th. Paradise On, our host, grows most of their foods onsite fully organic and uses seasonal produce in their cooking that many of our participants describe as delicious and healing as the workshops themselves! 

After lunch there is time to chill out and explore the venue, walk along the river, swim, sunbathe at the swimming pool and chat to friends over a cup of tea. 

At 3pm we come together for our first afternoon session in the main hall. There will be one event at a time so we can do all offerings together with each other. 

Session times from then on will be 10am, 3pm and 8.30pm. 

Meal times are 8.30am, 1pm and 6pm.

The session at the Immersion are easy going and relaxed, you don’t have to attend any of them or stay for the whole lenght, but we invite you to truly feel inside of you what is right for you. This is a time to practice what we have learned. How to self nurture, listen to ourselves, how to communicate our needs and ask for help or ask to have our desires fulfilled. Immersion means – making something that has been activated something that has been understood deeper, more real more in the body so it becomes part of our lives as a natural pieces not something we need to try to make happen, it becomes you and it serves you. 

While we don’t want to give away our program details but keep the surprise happening for you session offerings you can expect are mainly around receiving for what you need to fill up your cup. 

Most of us are not able to relax enough, to enjoy enough and to get what we really want and to have time for getting in touch with ourselves, our inner child, our inner lover or there isn’t the right environment or people around us to ask. 

We will support you on this journey to fill up your love, connection, community and friendship cup, spiced up with embodiment, sensuality and even sexuality if this is what you truly want. Massage, Dance, Movement, Touch, Sound, Food, Nature and Life Force or Eros running through the body is what we want to fill our 3 days with LOVE!! 

Paradise One is a clothing optional venue and they support community that wants to awaken to their natural state, respecting the environment, living healthy and organically. This is what we stand for as well as we have found that a healthy mind wants to live in a healthy body and cares about other people, their boundaries, wishes and desires, their life and their heart and the journey of tantra in that way encompasses wholesome feeling, acting and living as a natural things and the Immersion gives us space for that!

The accomodation at Paradise One varies greatly, you can camp and bring your own tenet or hire your own private cabin, subject to availability of course. Below you will find the different pricing options for different types of accomodation, all including food AND FESTIVAL TICKET.

Make the most out of our Early Bird offers. You can join us in 2019 for a 2 week journey starting March 1st with Taste of Love Festival – Immersion – finishing March 15th with ISTA Level 1 Training. Extra night accomodation onsite will be available for people continuing on to the ISTA Training after the Immersion.

Vegetarian and vegan options only, please bring additional foods if you have different dietary requirements. No meat is allowed in the dining area.


March 4-7

Shuttle ($15 to driver): 9.30am if you need a shuttle

Registration: from 10am

Immersion starts: 1pm with lunch

Course finishes: 2pm after lunch

Shuttle ($15 to driver): 2.30pm if you need a shuttle

Paradise One www.paradiseone.com.au, 139 Newes Rd, Coorabell


Campervans, Dorms, Private Rooms and Private Cabins.

What to bring (if possible):

  • water bottle
  • massage oil
  • 2 sarongs
  • 2 towels
  • yoga mat
  • music instrument
  • notepad and pen
  • some sensual dress ups
  • bathers are optional
  • catering is vegetarian and no sweets, so snacks if you need extras (fridges in all accomodation)
  • toiletries, clothes
  • earplugs in case you are a light sleeper

Book Festival, Immersion and Accommodation HERE

Cost: Taste of Love Festival PLUS Immersion (click on image to enlarge)

We are so looking forward to journey with you!

Marion Ellyard, Ron van Twuiver & the Taste of Love Team

Disclaimer, please read before registering:

I understand and recognise that some of the content and exercises at the Taste of Love festival and Immersion is of spiritual and sexual nature. I agree that what happens to me during the events or outside of session processes stays under my control and the session givers and organizers are not in any way held responsible. I agree to act responsible in regards to my previously existing relationships or agreements and to seek advice from a facilitator during the training should I feel at any time uncomfortable with any of the exercises or interactions within the group.

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