Erotic Love

Friday 11th – Sunday 13th October 2019

Erotic Love Workshop – Berlin

(German translation available, at the course as well)

Tantra – Touch – Enquiry – Transformation

with the Founders of the Taste of Love Tantra festival (Australia’s biggest Tantra Festival) – Founders of the Australian Taste of Love Tantra School – Marion Ellyard & Ron van Twuiver. Meet them in person for the first time – here in Berlin in October.

Exploring juiciness and sacredness, secrets of erotic, conscious loving relating.

Limited to 20 people – couples & singles welcome

This workshop can transform your relationship to self and others, open your heart and spice up your life.

For women, find and reconnect with the feminine power and flow that naturally resides in your body and find a new place of trust within you, a new voice and a new sensual awakening.

For men, you will be able to receive brotherhood, let go of daily performance pressure, be heard and understood, learn to open your heart more with love and understand the full beauty and potential of being a man.


“I found everything I was looking for, I did a tantra workshop with my partner before this one is complete and respectful.” 

“This workshop took me into deeper parts of myself than I could have ever imagined. I left feeling a freedom I have never experienced before. “

“The way Marion and Ron hold a safe space amplifies the energy and the lasting heart connections built.”

Marion & Ron met over 10 years ago and are journeying as a pair bonded tantric couple together since 6 years exploring spirituality, sexuality, relationship, family and love in a very deeply committed intimate juicy yet open and exciting erotic journey. They have an extensive life and work experience in many modalities such as tantra, yoga, psychosomatic bodywork, somatic therapies, bioenergetics, yoni lingam de-armouring, meditation and communication skills and live in Australia where they run ongoing workshops, retreats and the annual Taste of Love Tantra Festival whilst also lovingly caring for 5 children between them.

This retreat combines tantra with lots of bodywork, relaxation, meditation, yoga, grounding and awareness exercises, sacred touch, therapy session work and group sharing and experiences. Enter into a safe container, the workshop is clothing optional but can be done fully clothed as well.

Tantra teaches us to slow down to reconnect to the “here and now”, to bring presence and awareness to all areas of life. This asks of us to slow down and truly observe – over the weekend we will focus on our body awareness, touch and erotic love as our object of experienced meditation. This can bring up deep healing and freedom for participants as the layers of social conditioning peel off. 

Who is it that we are in our natural wild self? What is it that we are called to be and explore and live in pour life? How can I combine an erotic life with a spiritual or even family life? Could I be living from a pace of trauma rather than freedom? 

So, if you’re searching for something different, exciting, deeply fulfilling, connecting with others and something that will deeply reconnect you with your body and your soul, your heart and your eros then this workshop is for you. 

The course fee includes 2 night sessions and 4 day sessions, all meals, 2 nights accommodation can be purchased separately. (see below)


Full Price (no accomodation): Euro 180 ($300)

Full price (with accomodation): Euro 220 ($365)

Please contact Ottokar Lehrner ( to reserve your spot.

You can pay direct deposit in Euro to our German account with your name as the reference: Account Name: Maria Lichtnecker Account Number: DE03733500000514984285 Bank: Sparkasse Allgäu SWIFT code: BYLADEM1ALG

Or with your credit card via Paypal select ‘friends’: Reference: your name

Please Respect all Guidelines before committing to this event:

– This is a drug and alcohol free event.
– No cameras/video devices or photos permitted. We will have our own photographer and you will be asked if your photo can be taken only to be published for friends on the private events page after the party.
– Personal Hygiene is a must.
– You agree to take responsibility and to act with integrity and accountability in regards to your sexual connections, existing relationships or relationship agreements and to seek advice from a facilitator during the evening should you feel at any time uncomfortable with any of the exercises or interactions within the group. All exercises are optional.

Berlin Bohnsdorf, Dorfplatz 3, Bezirk Köpenick, eine S-Bahnstation vor Flughafen Schönefeld

Times and Dates:
Friday, October 11th, 7.30pm – Sunday 13th, 5pm

What to bring:

  • water bottle

  • sarong
  • 2 towels, body wash
  • old single bedsheet for work with oil
  • massage oil
  • notepad and pen
  • sensual evening wear (optional), or simply something light and comfortable

Presenters/Hosts: Marion Ellyard & Ron van Twuiver

Bookings available now.

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Note: Your booking is confirmed once we receive payment.