Deep love - safe play ( lev 1 ) retreat

Deep Love – Safe Play Retreat (Lev 1)

in Affiliation with ISTA

Tantra – Yoga – Meditation – Massage

Limited to 30 people – couples and singles welcome

This retreat can transform your relationship, open your heart and spice up your life.

Have a spiritual, sensual, sexual honeymoon.

Reignite intimacy in a supportive, beautiful environment, small groups guarantee integration and getting the most out of your experience.

For women, find and reconnect with the feminine power and flow that naturally resides in your body and find a new place of trust within you, a new voice and a new sensual awakening.

For men, you will be able to receive brotherhood, let go of daily performance pressure, be heard and understood, learn to open your heart more with love and understand the full beauty and potential of being a man.

This retreat combines lots of bodywork (genital work as well), relaxation, meditation, yoga, grounding and awareness exercises, sacred touch, therapy session work and group sharing and experiences. Enter into a safe container, all exercises are suggestions only the retreat is clothing optional at certain times but can be done fully clothed as well.

The couples and individuals will be guided in a step by step process through anchoring exercises alone and together, into a deep state of feeling oneself and igniting the female – male polarity. We create a very safe and protected space for people to leave their ordinary life behind and go deep within through meditation, stillness and relaxation.

We enable couple and individuals to consciously recognize their patterns and wounds with love and allow these to wash and flow through us leaving us feeling energized, ecstatic and a feeling of increased love and freedom within.

Orgasms are not the priority in tantric practices but intention free, sensuality, conscious meditative awareness and intimacy, reignite our own sexuality and the connection with our partner.

Tantra teaches us to slow down to reconnect to the “here and now”. Encounters become more nourishing as we take time, exploring. Reconnecting to a deep and lasting love, supports bonding and reinforces the relationship. This retreat helps us transforming the way we make love as we escape the trap of excitement to meet another form of energy filled in with intensity, vibration and spirituality.

We start the morning with yoga, silent walk and movement. There will be each day 2-3 sessions together and couples and singles will receive homework to take home. Every day your body will be spoiled with massage, healing and awareness of tantra and soft sensual connection. We also provide space for group sharing and also have some fun evening events for couples and singles to explore and share some of their ideas and thoughts around sexuality.

We have designed a very balanced program for pleasure, holiday, relaxation, healing and personal growth.

If you seeking support in resolving any outstanding niggles or reoccurring issues in your relationship, this retreat will help you to move through and come out on the other side where we enjoy ourselves and the other again and life.

So, if you’re searching for something to share with your special someone or if you are on your own and want to deepen the connection with yourself this is definitely the retreat to consider.

The venue is set private in a luxurious home with swimming pool and is wonderfully catered for with first class vegetarian meals.

The course costs include all meals and program points, for your accommodation pleas organise an air bnb around the local area of Myocum of which there are many to choose from.

Please register by filling out a REGISTRATION FORM.


Early Bird (couples, av Nov 15th): $1395

Early Bird (singles, av Nov 15th): $695

Full Price (couples): $1595

Full price (singles): $895

Please Respect all Guidelines before committing to this event:

– There may be opportunities to connect and explore with others, only do so if there is mutual consent.
– Before any exercise, agreements are made between practice partners re personal boundaries, dress code, STD’s, that need to be respected.
– This is a drug and alcohol free event.
– No cameras/video devices or photos permitted. We will have our own photographer and you will be asked if your photo can be taken only to be published for friends on the private events page after the party.
– Personal Hygiene is a must.
– You agree to take responsibility and to act with integrity and accountability in regards to your sexual connections, existing relationships or relationship agreements and to seek advice from a facilitator during the evening should you feel at any time uncomfortable with any of the exercises or interactions within the group.


Myocum, address TBA 4 weeks before

Times and Dates:
Wednesday Jan 2nd, 2019, 6pm – Sunday January 6th, 2pm

Presenters/Hosts: Marion Ellyard & Ron van Twuiver

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January 2, 2019

January 6, 2019

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