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Alex Grant


What an incredible experience! It was so great to learn about so many aspects of Tantra, I met some great new people, and had an amazing time!

Mandy Nolan

Workshop Attendee:

‘I have made my career talking about sex in one way or another. Of course I do it a little more tongue in cheek than most, but I have always felt that our sexuality needs to be more normalised and that we should be able to talk openly and frankly and to share experiences. The Sex and Consciousness Festival offers a wonderful opportunity to do just that!


Festival Attendee:

The Tantra Festival of Sexuality and Consciousness gives a much needed balance to my life force, I can step out of my beautiful but isolated world into a ready-made realm of peers, expert teachers and new friends. The conference provides above all a loving network for people who passionately care about this frequently misunderstood profession of ours