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We Invite You To Experience This Unique 3 Day Live-In Festival + Tantra Retreat Event

If you long for deep, lasting, authentic transformation that heals our past, into a helathy, mature ecstatic future, this is for you!


All tickets are Non-Refundable, and Non- Transferable.

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In buying any ticket to any event hosted by the Taste of Love Tantra School you confirm that you have read and agree to the activity waiver, code of ethics and refund policy of the event.  
If you have not read these yet please do so before your purchase. please contact us if you need any further information.

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Alex Grant


What an incredible experience! It was so great to learn about so many aspects of Tantra, I met some great new people, and had an amazing time!

Mandy Nolan

Workshop Attendee:

‘I have made my career talking about sex in one way or another. Of course I do it a little more tongue in cheek than most, but I have always felt that our sexuality needs to be more normalised and that we should be able to talk openly and frankly and to share experiences. The Sex and Consciousness Festival offers a wonderful opportunity to do just that!


Festival Attendee:

The Tantra Festival of Sexuality and Consciousness gives a much needed balance to my life force, I can step out of my beautiful but isolated world into a ready-made realm of peers, expert teachers and new friends. The conference provides above all a loving network for people who passionately care about this frequently misunderstood profession of ours

Agreement & Waiver Form:

  • Activity Waiver Form:

    • By agreeing to this activity waiver form you are being allowed to participate in activities offered by the Taste of Love Tantra school.
    • I confirm that I am participating in any event hosted by the Taste of Love Tantra School at my own risk.
    • I agree that I will only participate in any activity to the degree I feel capable of taking care of myself, all activities are voluntary at all events hosted by the Taste of Love Tantra School.
    • I understand that the content in the sessions and workshops can bring up triggers and emotions as I grow and learn more about myself. I agree that what happens to me I will also not hold the facilitators in any way responsible.
    • I understand there are assistants, first aid staff and counsellors I can contact 24/7 should I see or experience anything unsettling.
    • I understand that there is no supervision outside of the sessions provided I am responsible for myself during those times.
    • I agree if I wish to leave any event hosted by the Taste of Love Tantra School prior to the official ending that I will notify an onsite staff and infirm them of the reason of my departure.
    • I confirm that I am of stable physical and mental health, do not have any physical or mental limitations that would prevent me from participating the activities I choose to and that I will not hold any of the organisers, assistants, counsellors or presenters liable for any damages.
    • I agree that the attendance of the events is for 18+ individuals and that children are not allowed in the space.
    • I agree that this is an illegal drug and alcohol-free event, and that I will abstain from using these substances. I also agree that if I notice somebody else intoxicated that I will inform the staff of this. Usage of drugs and alcohol will result in having to leave the event should as any form of intoxication compromises the safety of myself and others in decision making around consent and boundaries.
    • I understand that the events are clothing optional, choosing to attend does not mean that I need to be without clothing myself at any time, all offerings can be done fully clothed, but other people may want to do so.
    • I will actively participate in creating a safe space for everyone by accepting their boundaries, wishes, engage from a place of consent and stop an engagement should I feel uncomfortable or feel the other person may be uncomfortable.
    • I will respect the privacy of all attendees by maintaining confidentiality. This includes not sharing identifiable information about other participants and not taking photos or videos during the festival.
    • We do appreciate the use of our own photographers onsite in order to promote the events in the future, should you not wish to be in any photos (no nudity will be posted or published anywhere) I understand I can request a wristband for identification. Taste of love Tantra School will immediately remove any images of yourself online if you notify us of such.
    • I agree that I have had enough time to read this activity waiver carefully and that I understand the risks in participating in any event run by the Taste of Love Tantra School, and have been encouraged to seek legal advise should I wish so and that I am forever prevented from suing or claiming against the activity provider for any property loss, personal physical or mental injury sustained while participating in any of the sessions.
    • I understand that by purchasing a ticket to participate in any event run by the Taste of Love Tantra School I agree to the activity waiver and may be asked to sign it upon arrival at the event.
    • This waiver is constructed in accordance with the laws of the State of NSW.