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The Womb Portal

Symbolically the womb is a micro version of the universe…The womb is is vast, expansive and a holds infinite creative life force and power…it is the void, the black...
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The Sacred Prostitute

Who was she? The sacred Prostitute, a living priestess in ancient temple times. This piece is an artistic exploration of this vital archetypal figure – She was a vessel for...
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Sex and Soul

Sexual Sovereignty is so much more than sex. Sexual sovereignty is the natural capacity we all have, both men and woman, to come alive to our divinity in our flesh....
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We Are Not Afraid

  Thomas Keily will be performing at the Taste of Love Festival in Byron Bay 2016, on Saturday 20 Feb click here for full details. For more of his amazing poetry, check his...
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Too Stressed for Sex?

Over 20 million couples in America are in sexless or near sexless relationships. When we talk to couples living this way, they often wax poetic about the passionate sex they...
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What is Conscious Kink?

By Artemisia de Vine The BDSM and kink scenes already have a thriving culture of consent and self-awareness. I’m proud to be part of a culture that has such excellent...
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