The Art of Receiving

Saturday, June 8th, 9.30am – 5.00pm

What is it all about? 
You are invited to join a beautiful experience of a 1 day Immersion workshop with Marion & Ron.

Followed right after by the Conscious Sensuality Temple Night

In this day workshop you’ll learn about the Art of Receiving. Receiving is a skill that most of us need to get better at or re-learn! We will use some processes to make this easier such as light bondage, power dynamics just to name a few. 

The first half day is dedicated to the male body, women give, men receive and the second half of the day to the female body, men give, women receive.

You can work with your partner if you come as a couple for the whole day, singles will rotate between different partners for each exercise.

Many of us enjoy giving, but what happens when 2 givers meet? Who is there to receive? 

Truly receiving is a gift, and it’s not an easy one to truly gift to someone. In this workshop we will give you the opportunity to be the giver and the receiver.


As the giver you will learn to notice your boundaries, your energy levels, to make adjustments so that giving truly energises you. You will learn to feel, listen and receive instructions and work with the tantric subtleties of taking yourself out of the picture. What happens next is something you need to experience – the pleasure, safety and ecstasy and intimacy that you will experience with your receiver creates a heightened state of consciousness and connection that is deeply connecting, so deep that you can feel yourself through the other. 


Receiving is a skill that often we have been made ashamed of. You take too much, you don’t think enough about others, now you received this you need to give something equal back.. However all these internal dialogues are obstructions to true receiving. True receiving has no particular look, shape, rule or form. It’s a process of surrendering, letting go, feeling, guiding and loving yourself. As you work on finding your own access to loving yourself and intimacy these subtle paces will enlighten your giving partner about who they are. The pleasure, joy and ecstasy that arises from simply being you and allowing your body/mind to have their wishes fulfilled, not needing to give anything back is a sacred initiation that there is always enough in the universe.


We will use some help to drop in deeper such as light physical and mental bondage, some process work to remove obstacles and loose any shame we may have around receiving and become shameless in self love and pleasure. We will use blind folds and work with different types of giving and receiving using some gentle power dynamics in our pairings in order to reclaim our playfulness and birthright of  being enough.

It a very fun class, playful and of course pleasurable. Whilst the focus is not on sensual or sexual receiving and giving it is up the the individual the work with these energies should they arise they are of course welcome! Sensuality or sexuality can bring high states of pleasure however we will explore with many other forms of getting what you want.

Warmly welcome to this safe, fun, sacred and sensual class…

Q: How intimate will this workshop be?
There will be no pressure to do anything you’re not comfortable with. While the workshop is clothing optional all exercises can be done fully clothed.

Q: Do I need any previous training for this?
No. If you have done prior work on yourself even better but it’s not a prerequisite. Marion and Ron will instruct and hold you in a safe space.

Great for singles and couples.

Q: What to bring?
Water bottle
2 large towels or sheets (arrive freshly showered)
snacks (fridge available)
massage oil

EB (av May 19th): $200
Full Price: $250
EB double (av May 19th ): $350
Full Price double: $450


Saturday, June 8th, 9.30am – 5.00pm


Kulcha Jam, 1 Acacia St, Byron Bay NSW 2481

In Gratitude Marion & Ron

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