5 Senses Massage Workshop

Saturday, August 17, 9.30am – 5.00pm

What is it all about? 
You are invited to join a beautiful experience of a 1 day Immersion workshop with Marion & Ron.

Followed right after by the Conscious Sensuality Temple Night

In this day workshop you’ll learn about the 5 senses and how to awaken them, enjoy and play with them and give your partner the ultimate loving experience of fun, joy and pleasure. 

The first half day is dedicated to the male body, women give, men receive and the second half of the day to the female body, men give, women receive.

We realised that once upon a time our bodies, erogenous zones and genitals were worshipped and cared for and activated as special gateways of our body to communicate with us and with spirit. In our days we really need to take time away from everything to play, slow down and explore our senses properly again and find out all the fun pleasure it can have!

We only take even numbers of each gender for this workshop, preferably sign up with a partner or a person of the opposite gender, otherwise don’t worry we will match you up with someone you would like to work with.

Learn Techniques of a Tantric Massage Session.

Give and receive healing in a safe environment with room for emotional release, sharing and experience.
The therapeutic focus is for you to be in control, nothing ever happens without your consent.
There will be fun, ritual and celebration, focus on pleasure, sensual touch and stimuli again within your personal boundaries.
Learn to take time, listen and be with your own body, this is not a class aimed at connection with others, rather aimed at connection with self through allowing intimate touch. However working in a group environment greatly normalises and enhances the experience of being in a human, vulnerable, sexual emotional body. 

Learn about your orgasmic energy and how to unleash it.

Warmly welcome to this safe, sacred and sensual class…

Q: How intimate will this workshop be?
There will be no pressure to do anything you’re not comfortable with. You can choose what areas you want to incorporate in your massage exchange. The workshop is clothing optional.

Q: Do I need any previous training for this?
No. If you have done prior work on yourself even better but it’s not a prerequisite. Marion and Ron will instruct and hold you in a safe space.

Great for singles and couples.

Q: What to bring?
Water bottle
towel (arrive freshly showered)
snacks (fridge available and shower and pool)
massage oil

EB (av Aug 1st): $200
Full Price: $250
EB double (av Aug 1st): $350
Full Price double: $450


Saturday, August 17th, 9.30am – 5.00pm


Kulcha Jam, 1 Acacia St, Byron Bay NSW 2481

In Gratitude Marion & Ron

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