Tanja Phoenix

Presenter - Germany

Tanja Phoenix

Presenter - Germany


Tanja is an empowered practitioner and workshop facilitator who passionately shares the sacred sexual healing arts. Her soulful business is Fig Tree Healing, a sacred healing sanctuary for deep awakening and the resurrection of people’s wild authentic nature. Tanja provides tuition and support for individuals, couples and groups.

Besides having a vast toolbox of very effective therapies that she utilizes to help others with any issues, like the BodyTalk System, Nia, Yoga, Pelvic Heart Integration, FreeFall, BreakThrough, Gestalt Therapy, Voice Dialogue, Erotic Meditation, Bioenergetics, and somatic bodywork, Tanja is spiritually minded and knows first-hand of the profound healing benefits of sexual energy.

Tanja has followed her calling to integrate spirituality and sexuality within herself, and to pass this wisdom on to others.

One of her greatest attributes is that of her own sexual intuition and the drawing of her wisdom from energetic sources. She has been devoted to living the art of loving and she is constantly cultivating her gift through meditation, celebrating life, emerging herself in nature, listening to her body wisdom and skilful listening to others.

In her sessions and workshops, Tanja assesses where seekers are on their path, guides them to their growth edge and assists them in the embodiment of their divinity. She is a Shamanic shape shifter who does different things with different people at different times, making every session and workshop completely unique.

Tanja mirrors and meets everyone in whatever way is going to be the most powerful for their healing.

I am passionate about Tantra, as a way of living, exploring and celebrating all realms of love and life. Tantra shows me how to find answers, how to listen, touch, live and love with totality and fully engaging with everything – no distractions, being more and more empty and present. I am devoted to love and consciousness and sharing this freely and abundantly.

All session/s by Tanja Phoenix

The Innocent Phallus

Sunday 22 Jan 2017
10.00 – 11.30am

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