Elfie & Marco

Face Artists - AUS

Elfie & Marco

Face Artists - AUS


Elfie Jade is the primary artist, initiator and ‘mother’ of Creatrix Bodyart.  She gave birth to this new collaboration as an offspring to her enterprise ElfenCreatrix Bodyart.

Drawing on her experience as a makeup artist, body painter and graphic designer, Elfie has been honing her artistic process for 5 years, primarily within the ‘festival world’ and ‘corporate event space’ across Australia. Her work has been recognised by a number of awards and has been utilised for professional dance performances and lifestyle/fashion publications. She is well known and respected both locally and nationally as an artist, teacher, mentor, manager and designer.

For me, ‘Body Art’ is a celebration of beauty; an adoration and embellishment of the divine human body. I truly love to create for people the space to step into their magical dream world and to explore their Avatar. It feels like I am giving people the allowance to become uninhibited, free, explorative, transparent and innocent like a child. In some way I’m painting a mask that allows people to take their mask off – to shed their skin and to become free. It is my absolute joy to witness the profound transformation and healing that is occurring for the person I’m painting and as an extension, for myself too.

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Enchanting masks and beautiful eye embellishments

By innovative airbrush art and exquisite glitter design:

Mask Design from $20
Eye Embellishment from $15
Body Art available upon request

Times for painting 10-20 minutes per face

Bookings can be made for a time during Taste of Love


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