Warrior Consciousness – Vitality of Vulnerability

Sunday 22 Jan 2017
Cavanbah Room - Stream 2

Warrior Consciousness – Vitality of Vulnerability

When we hear the title ‘Warrior’ – what do we think?

Tristan will share insights into what it really means to be a warrior; man or woman. Warrior Consciousness is a state of awareness and action that sees the individual transmuting all interactions and conflicts with love, forgiveness and a deep awareness of oneness.

If you want to develop your knowing of how to treat others from a sense of oneness when making decisions in your life; Particularly sexual decision making – this workshop is for you.

Tristan will disclose some of the essential elements of the warrior lifestyle and unveil how this way of being is actually a way coming back to balance, or neutrality. Our DNA has been waiting perhaps millennia to come back into harmony with the garden we live amongst. And the key is love.


Warrior Consciousness Elements Explored


  • Combat via Love
  • Forgiveness & Oneness
  • Love as a harmonic defense from negative people
  • Avoiding ‘California Syndrome’ – Walking the talk & Living in Truth
  • The Worthy Lover and the Heart Blow
  • How to Avoid Sociopathic Sex and the Veil of Separation
  • Healing Others By Healing Ourselves – being a transmission through example


In the next segment Tristan will explore the vital nature of vulnerability in our lives in respect to intimacy and healing through deep, trusting relationships. ‘The Global Male Vulnerability Deficit’ will be explored in detail; causes, effects and healing solutions. Tristan will express why he feels there is a vital role in women in our culture to encourage and support men to soften and open to their true emotional expression.


Core Benefits for Participants of this Session


  • Disclosure, ownership & release of Programmed Negative Relationship Habits
  • Understanding that love and vulnerability are actually strong and powerful
  • Tools for self-regulation and self-forgiveness
  • Understanding the immensely delicate nature of our lovers’ hearts
  • Understanding how to Practice Divine Warrior Attributes in sexual relationships
  • Practical tools in how to transmute nasty situations with love & fun
  • Experiential activities to practice presence, forgiveness and vulnerability


Interactive and Experiential EXCERCISES

  • Tantric Oneness practices to open the interactive portion
  • Ownership, responsibility & forgiveness exercises with a partner
  • Cultivating vulnerability; home challenges and planning!


Indicator Bars and Inclusivity

Please self select according to your level of interest and willingness to be challenged.




Challenge Level

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